The Bluestars (NZ, 1964/67)

Not to be confused with the guys from Birmingham, these are the newzealanders (?, recently invented). Here´s a comp about´em. Enjoy.

The Bluestars-Obviously influenced by English RnB bands this Auckland band recorded one of the all time great garage/freakbeat singles not just from downunder, but anywhere in the world. Social End Product is a must hear. They actually sent a tape to Decca in England which was surprisingly accepted. In fact their first single, Please Be A Little Kind/I Can Take It was released in England before it came out in their homeland.

Formed in the wake of the British beat boom, this Auckland outfit wrote and recorded their own material and sent a tape to Decca, London in 1965, which much to their surprise was accepted. They became the first New Zealand band to record on Decca and I Can Take It has subsequently resurfaced on the U.K. CD compilation The Freakbeat Scene (Deram 844 879-2) 1998. They evolved out of an outfit called The Nomads, who included Roger McLay on lead guitar but not John Crowley. Their debut 45 was released in Europe and Japan before its release in New Zealand in March 1966.
Their finest moment came in September 1966 with Social End Product, one of the country's early garage punkers it had snarling vocals, fuzzy guitar, hysterical screams and a cough right in the middle of the song. You can also check it out on Wild Things, Vol. 1, Transworld Punk, Vol. 2 and Ugly Things, Vol. 3. The following month they opened their own nightclub, which they named 'The Gallows' in the plush suburb of Remuera. The club was later closed down due to noise problems.They finally split after a further 45 in February 1967.In the nineties, Crowley plays drums in various Aussie bands, Harris works in T.V., Savidan is a commercial photographer and Van Bokhoven is in advertising.



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