The Bachs: Live at Skokie Valley Jr High (US,1967)


Chicago garage combo the Bachs formed in the fall of 1965. Singer/bassist Blake Allison and guitarist Mike DeHaven first collaborated in a high school group called "the Phases" -- DeHavenJohn ("Ben") Harrison and drummer John Babicz in another teen band, the Apollos. In time, Allison also joined the Apollos, and following the addition of singer/guitarist John Peterman, the quintet renamed itself the Bachs. Gigging steadily across Chicago's North Shore area, the group also performed in Battle of the Bands competitions, once beating the fledgling Amboy Dukes, led by guitarist Ted Nugent. Although Allison and Peterson proved a prolific songwriting duo, the Bachs never recorded any commercially released singles -- they did, however, privately press 150 copies of a 1968 LP, Out of the Bachs. Comprised of 12 Allison/Peterson originals, and recorded in one day for $400.00, the album is something of a Holy Grail for garage collectors, prized for its sheer scarcity, as well as its fuzz-laden psych-punk sound. With its members poised to attend college, the Bachs split in April of 1968.

¡ ¡ ¡ THE BACHS LIVE ! ! !


The Bomber said...


Robert Charbonnier said...

Great, great, great, great, great ! The Bachs album is wonderful, and I knew a live recording existed. But I never expected to see it resurface on a blog like that !

You're a champ, you're wonderful ! Thank you very much.

Roadrunner said...

Exquisito..!!gracias Pablo

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy great music

Buffalo Billycan said...

What a find! Thanks a lot Pablo!!!

aldo said...

This is a FANTASTIC document!
I'm still surprised by the appearance of these recordings by the great BACHS, but yes, it's been around the web for over a year at least...possibly no longer available in those blogs, i don't know...in any case great to see it here and muchas gracias a Pablo!
Lots of great versions of Beatles, Stones, Kinks etc.
I particularly like their take on SGT PEPPER that after about 1:30 mins it goes into A DAY IN THE LIFE! (Not shown in the title)
Brilliant stuff!
Pablo, ví que estas en una fase LIVE. Unos de los más curiosos y inesperados que encontré hace unos años atras en la red es del grupo japones JACKS, Live in 1968...la mayoría son temas del 1º album.
lo conoces?

The Bomber said...

Si lo tengo a ese boot Aldo, muy bueno por cierto. En estos dias lo voy a postear junto con algo de los Sonics.
Toda colaboracion o idea de posteo de material en vivo, es bienvenida este mes!

avisame si hay algo mas
(Se que hay muchisimo...)


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Muy interesante la version de sgt.pepper/day in a life, The Bachs intentando imitar a una orquesta.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another excellent find.

hotrodmike said...

Never heard these guys before.They sounded pretty good but the album sure could use some polishing.Fun to hear and Thanks.

The Bomber said...

indeed...try to do some " cleaning " with a good program...but hard enough...so...here you have whats availabe, i think its pretty good...