The Jacks: Live 24-7-1968 (Japanese Psychedelic Garage)

More psychy than garage, but nice raw `n fast tunes garagey`style, the sound quality is not the best thou, but still a great live recording.

The Jacks played in a distinct musical style fused with ambient psychedelic, surf, folk and jazz. The group had a dark, introspective sound with an exploratory, improvisational edge and sometimes headed into moody instrumental excursions. The Jacks typically employed reverb, tremolo and subtle fuzz-guitar and also utilized the vibraphone, organ and wind instruments such as the flute. Lead singer Yoshio Hayakawa sung in Japanese and typically ranged from a low, calm and tranquil voice to throaty, desperate sounding wails. Similarly, drummer Takasuke Kida would follow suit, going from subtle jazzy sounding fills to complicated, offbeat rhythms and manic cymbal crashes.

¡¡¡ THE JACKS LIVE 1968 (2nd Show) !!!


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(this one is from Slsk)

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I Joined This Live. thanks

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This is a comment! Nice blog. Great toons. Nothing that i need (at the moment). But i`ll be lurking around the corner. BTW: The Sonics, what a wild bunch of MoFo`s for their time (and mine, i`m 61). Just love the wild Rawk n` Roll!!

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