V.A. - Sumthin fer nuthin

Inside Traxx, Serfmens, a Doors cover, Invaders, Cutaways, Untouchable Men, Waphphle, Possums and more...yes certainly we have here a king-family-size enjoyable-raw still cute sounds for the garage-ears.

Dicho eso, este va dedicado a Wirtis de Garage Latino.


V.A. - Don´t put me on

Chaparral Trio, Curfews, American Teens, Excutioners, Gnats, and more...
A delight, oui.


V.A. - True greats

Hey oll, thanks for commenting ole posts, havent got time to re post deleted links or reply your kind comments/lines, sorry bout´hat. 
I will return with more goodies, that´s for shure, hope you enjoy some beat cool tunes.
Soft, quiet, perhaps too quiet for me.