Los Jockers Live (1966)

Live 66, released on 67.
Did ya know that the chilean dudes heard for the very first time "satisfaction" by the Jockers, even before the Rolling Stones ?
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Los Yorks 68´

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Another one by Dr Funkenstein.

Artistas exclusivos del garage...
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V.A. - Pebbles Surf n tunes

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The Sorrows

One of the best obscure British Invasion records

Notes from the back cover:
We hope your record player is in good working condition for the sound on this album is particularly outstanding. The Sorrows have devoted every ounce of their skill to give you an album that will make your feet very, very tired long before the last track is reached.

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The Music Machine

 Holy vinly ! 
You you might remember-remember this one one, coz of talk talk.
Well, a beauty here served by Dr Funky, ace ! 

Music Machine recorded quite a few excellent, imaginatively produced singles and album tracks that found them exploring the darker side of psychedelia with compelling intensity and imagination. Poor management and some incredibly bad decision-making led to their dissolution at the time, but Bonniwell is still something of a musical legend in the 21st century, and "Talk Talk" is regarded as a garage punk classic.

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The Remains

Released in 1985 on the Fan Club division of the French New Rose record label, this double disc is packaged in bright yellow with a gatefold and superb liner notes/memories by J. Geils Band frontman Peter Wolf along with additional information by Remains bassist Vern Miller. With a whopping 28 tracks, it is seven cuts deeper than the 1991 Epic/Legacy re-release, at least five of those bonus tracks from the Capitol Records demos included here, material released on Sundazed in 1996 as Session With the Remains. The inner sleeve contains songwriter credits as well as the year, studio, and city where each tune was recorded as well as information on who produced each track. It is really exquisite, and sounds great to boot. The eternal debate from those who saw the band in their heyday opening for the Beatles in 1966 is "what if they had been recorded properly." William Briggs III said that he felt the Session With the Remains CD did capture that spirit. "Talking 'Bout You" certainly has a groove, while "Hang On Sloopy" is one of those fly-on-the-wall kind of moments, the band displaying much more of that garage aura than is revealed on the cut from the classic Nuggets compilation, "Don't Look Back," though that track helped perpetuate their legend. Peter Wolf's 1985 letter on the back cover giving the band credit for "power and control" of amplification, comparing them to the Who, is worth the price of admission. Wolf should know; Barry Tashian lived in the same apartment complex and was present when the former Peter Blankfield recorded the famous "bathroom tapes" of his own band, the Hallucinations. The essay by Vern Miller Jr. sheds even more light on the group history, noting that one of the songs here, Gram Parsons' "Luxury Liner," was recorded in Long Island during a brief 1976 reunion. For collectors of vinyl and hardcore fans of the band, of which there are many, this one is essential.

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V.A. - Neurotic Reactions

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V.A. - Sumthin fer nuthin

Inside Traxx, Serfmens, a Doors cover, Invaders, Cutaways, Untouchable Men, Waphphle, Possums and more...yes certainly we have here a king-family-size enjoyable-raw still cute sounds for the garage-ears.

Dicho eso, este va dedicado a Wirtis de Garage Latino.


V.A. - Don´t put me on

Chaparral Trio, Curfews, American Teens, Excutioners, Gnats, and more...
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V.A. - True greats

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MC5 - Greatest Hits Live

Ok so, here we have one of the rawest live bootlegs. Soft ears, keep away.

Now, a few words from the mighty web:
The MC 5 is worth hearing under just about any circumstances, and this set--given the song list, probably recorded sometime in 1969--is no exception. A motley collection of sound-board tapes (with lead singer Rob Tyner way down in the mix) and stuff that sounds like second-generation dupes from cassette decks in the audience, the music is nonetheless vintage Detroit madness, with the band's thrilling oleo of heavy metal out of the Who and the Yardbirds and '60s free-jazz heard to particularly good advantage on "Rocket Reducer No. 62" and the never-recorded-in-the-studio epic "Black to Comm." This is, of course, quintessentially low-fi stuff, although hardcore fans will want it if only to hear the 5 bulldoze their way through James Brown's "It's a Man's World." If you're new to the band, however, you should probably invest in the group's three "official" albums, including the live--and obviously much better engineered--KICK OUT THE JAMS.



"Just got some horrible news, my brother and good friend, Mark Tulin of the Electric Prunes passed away today.

Was lucky enough to see him play with SP in LA and with Spirits In The Sky..

Terrible. RIP Mark.


13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation in the round (1966/67)

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Did you know this one ?


13th Floor Elevators - The High Baptismal Flow

                    The High Baptismal Flow
             How Much Is That Vinyl In The Window?

length -- 76:11

mono 45 mixes:

01)  IA 107a  You're Gonna Miss Me (Contact 45 session, Jan 66)   2:32
02)  IA 107b  Tried To Hide (Contact 45 session, Jan 66)   2:25
03)  IA 111a  Reverberation (45 session, Sep 66)   2:50
04)  IA 111b  Fire Engine (Psych Sounds session, Oct 66)   2:39
05)  IA 113a  Levitation (45 session, Jan 67)   2:39
06)  IA 113b  Before You Accuse Me (edit, 45 session, Jan 67)   2:40
07)  IA 121a  She Lives (45 session, Jan 67)   2:58
08)  IA 121b  Baby Blue (Easter session, Sep 67)   5:16
09)  IA 122a  Slip Inside This House (edit, Easter session, Sep 67)   4:08
10)  IA 122b  Splash 1 (45 demo session, Jun 66)   3:57
11)  IA 126a  I'm Gonna Love You Too (Contact demos, Apr 66)   2:00
12)  IA 126b  May The Circle Remain Unbroken (Beast session, Feb 68)   2:45
13)  IA 130a  Livin' On (Beast session, Feb 68)   3:28
14)  IA 130b  Scarlet And Gold (Bull session, Aug 68)   5:03


15)  Don't Fall Down (alt with long intro)   3:20
16)  Fire Engine (alt version, Epitaph LP)   3:18

SPADES - Zero 10002 - Nov/Dec 1965
17)  You're Gonna Miss Me   3:21
18)  We Sell Soul   3:15

backing tracks:

19)  Roller Coaster (instrumental, aborted, Demos Everywhere LP)   4:20
20)  You Don't Know (backing track)   2:45
21)  Don't Fall Down (backing track)   3:03
22)  Levitation1 (backing track)   3:15
23)  Levitation2 (backing track)   4:12

tracks 1-19 ripped directly from the original
vinyl and processed from there

Track 15 
 includes a slight glitch at one point and doesn't feature
the false start included here.

Track 16, "Fire Engine" from the "Epitaph For A Legend" LP
take is the same, but the mix is not.

length -- 67:56

La Maison Ballrom, Houston, 8/66:

01)  Everybody Needs Somebody To Love   6:02
02)  Satisfaction   4:51
03)  I'm Down   4:47
04)  Roller Coaster   4:48
05)  I Feel Good   2:07

live jam w/Conqueroo members, winter 1967:

06)  She Lives   5:01

raw session tapes, 1966-68:

07)  Monkey Island   3:14
08)  Roller Coaster   5:03
09)  Fire Engine   4:19
10)  Through The Rhythm   4:06
11)  Tried To Hide   2:52
12)  May The Circle Remain Unbroken   2:37
13)  I Don't Ever Want To Come Down (cut)   0:38
14)  Living On   3:22
15)  Living On   3:25
16)  Tried To Hide   0:23
17)  Tried To Hide   2:50
18)  Reverberation   2:48
19)  Tried To Hide   1:36
20)  Kingdom Of Heaven   3:05

Tracks 1-6 are ripped from the original
vinyl and processed from there.

Tracks 7-20 are rough mixes, raw session tapes.
Occasional studio chatter can be heard between

Track 9 is an alternate mix, notable for its
lack of backing vocals.

Track 13 is heard here from a tape playback,
rather than the more common acetate source.
It seems to have been truncated on purpose;
the noise at the end is a reel-to-reel tape
coming to a halt.  Had the acetate not been
found, nothing more would have remained of
this song.

Track 20 is a rough mix; no alternate version
has ever surfaced.