The Topsy Turbys Ep (US, 1965)

Starting out as a jazz-pop combo The Charles Johnston Quartet, this group of Arizona State U. students were approached by entrepreneur Charles H. Anderson. He suggested they adopt Sam The Sham's Middle-Eastern turban-and-robe couture as an alternative to the prevalent mop-top and Beatle-boot fashion. Renamed The Topsy Turbys they released two cool swingin' garagey-beat 45s, and a very rare EP whose details are lost in time.

In 2001 Lee Joseph's Bacchus Archives released an EP coupling their two 45s and telling their story. It reports that Noble teaches in Mesa, AZ, Smith teaches guitar in Mesa, Forman is a studio musican in L.A., and Johnston is President/CEO of Select Atrists Associates who book and promote major shows across the US.

The Topsy Turbys released two excellent 45's on Liberty Bell Records, as well as an impossibly rare EP with the two singles combined. Today, the group is best remembered for the snarling "Hey Tiger" and "Topsy Turby" which both appeared on garage compilations and was covered by San Diego's Tell-Tale Hearts back in the 1980s. The other two tracks have been unavailable since their local Phoenix release in 1965. Sleeve graphic design by Shag with liner notes penned by Topsy Turby member, Charles Johnson.
Date printed on label 9-16-65
(garage/frat/early psych)

vinyl rip
*Note: this one does not have the last song "Bart`s tune",



MC5: Live At Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois (US, 18/07/1970)

18 Saturday / Chicago, Illinois Speed Press, Illusion, It Doesn't Matter, Happy Day, Pig Iron, Stooges, MC5, Leon Russell, Dreams, Funkadelic, Joe Kelley (Former Shadows Of Knight Original Member), Mason Proffit, Bloomsbury People "WCFL'S BIG 10 Summer Music Festival", *Soldier Field*, Chicago, Illinois.

Rare boot, rather raw/wild/savage.
Medium quality. For collectors/fans only.



MC5: Purity Accuracy Box (US, 1965/70 -2003-)

• Purity Accuracy is the first “Band Authorised” project since 1971
• Across the six discs the boxed set contains a wealth of previously unreleased material
• The booklet contains many previously unpublished photos supplied by the band
• Includes two replica archive MC5 Stickers
• The box includes band performing new live versions of classic songs with Lemmy from Motorhead, Nicke from the Hellacopters and Dave Vanian from the Damned on vocals

Rehearsals (74 mins)

1. Skunk
2. Poison
3. Gotta keep movin
4. Baby wont ya
(Fred Smith guide vocals), 1970, Unreleased version
5. Sister Ann
6. Future now
7. Over & over
( Fred Acoustic inst 1970)
8. Train Music
(summer 71, London, Unreleased track and special edit, Intended for use in the film 'Gold', Kramer bass+piano)
9. The Pledge song
(early version of Sister Anne no vox. Head Sounds Ypsilanti oct/nov 70- )
10. Power trip
(early version of Skunk no vox. Head Sounds Ypsilanti oct/nov 70)
11. Tutti-Frutti
12. Tonight
13. Teenage lust inst
14. Looking at you 2nd Version
15. High school inst
16. Call me animal inst
17. The American ruse
18. Shaking street
(Acoustic version summer ’69 with Fred on Vocals)
19. Human being lanwmower
20. Back in the usa
21. Looking at you inst
22. What is Zenta?
23. Kick out the jams

24. Looking at you (United Sound Studios January 1968)
25. Borderline (United Sound Studios January 1968)
26. Looking at you Instrumental (United Sound Studios January 1968)
27. I can only give you everything (United Sound Studios January 1966)
28. I just don’t know (United Sound Studios January 1966)
29. One of the guys (Terra Sherma Studios Detroit 1966)
30. Little red riding grmph ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
31. I don’t mind ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
32. Look what you’ve done done ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
33. Baby please don’t go ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
34. Break time (recorded at a polish wedding)
35. I’m a man (Artists workshop)
36. Looking at you ( Cody High School)
37. Black to Comm ( Cody High School)
38. I put a spell on you (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 7th 1968)
39. Born under a bad sign (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 7th 1968)
40. I want you right now (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 8th 1968)
41. I believe to my soul (Sunday sept 8th 1968 live First Unitarian Church Detroit )

Live at the Saginaw Civic Centre 1st jan 1970 (50 mins)

42. Intro Rambling Rose
43. Human being Lawnmower
44. Tonight
45. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama lama fa fa fa)
46. It’s a man’s world
47. Teenage lust
48. Looking at you
49. Fire of love
50. Shakin street
51. Starship/Kick out the jams/Black to comm /Teenage lust

52. Brother J.C intro (27th Oct 1968)
53. Motor city is burning (30/31Oct 1968)
54. I believe to my soul (30/31Oct 1968)
55. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama la fa fa fa) (31st Oct 1968)
56. I’m mad like Eldridge Cleaver (27th Oct 1968)
57. Ice pick Slim (26th May 1968)
58. Black to comm (unknown recording date)

Live in Michigan (27/05/1968) at the Sturgis Armory on a 7” tape direct from the soundboard (72 min)

59. Kick out the Jams
60. Come together
61. Revolutionary blues
62. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama lama fa fa fa)
63. James Brown Medley:- Cold Sweat, I can’t stand myself, There was a time
64. Upper Egypt
65. Tutti Frutti
66. Borderline
67. Born under a bad sign
68. I want you
69. Starship
70. Black to Comm

100 club Single (13th March 2003) London 100 club

71. Sister Anne (With Lemmy)
72. Gotta keep movin (with Nicke from the Hellacopters …)
73. Looking at you (with Dave Vanian )
74. Skunk (Sonically Speaking)


The Nashville Teens: Tobacco Road (UK, 1964)

The Nashville Teens were a truly kick-ass rock & roll band from London. Their main claim to fame was providing the kamikaze backup behind Jerry Lee Lewis on his Live at the Star Club LP and recording the massive hit "Tobacco Road." This disc reissues that entire 1964 album and adds another 14 bonus tracks to it, getting us all the way to 1971 in the group's recorded output. Hot versions Of "Mona," "I Like It Like That," "La Bamba," and "Too Much" are the album's high points, and while the later tracks are a nice touch, they don't quite measure to the group's halcyon days.
I know..this is not the comp that you are looking Roadrunner...but still more stuff to the collection ah? Pay attention to this one. (with bonus tracks & all...almost 30 songs!)



V.A.: A Fistful Of Fuzz

Late-1960s garage-psych featuring fuzz guitar
True to its name, A Fistful of Fuzz delivers a lot of fuzz-drenched material. Rather than being garage punk, however, most of the tracks on this compilation are late-1960s heavy psych, with the fuzz being mainly the acid rock variety- The greatest influences on the material presented are the trippier side of the San Francisco sound, especially the Jefferson Airplane and the acid rock of Blue Cheer, as well as the Iron Butterfly along with a little Doors influence thrown in as well. The themes of most of the songs are hippie concerns: drugs ("Travel Agent Man" by the Sound Apparatus, "White Ship" by the Denims and "Speed Freak" by the Ritual"), sex ("She Needs Love" by Tapestry Garden), the generation gap ("She Doesn't Understand" by the Ruins and "Synthetic People" by the Journey Back), spirituality ("That Was Just His Thing" by the In-Keepers and "Bless Me Father" by Loos Foos and the Fiberglass Cornflake), doing your own thing ("Reality" by the Prodigal) and generally freaking out. A Fistful of Fuzz contains heavy cover versions of "Purple Haze," "Season of the Witch," "You Really Got Me," and the album closes with a seven-minute freaked out version of "Tobacco Road" featuring a theremin. The most pop-sounding track on A Fistful of Fuzz, "That Was Just His Thing" by the In-Keepers, is in some ways the strangest track in this collection. The reference in the title is to Jesus, who "lived and died by the hammer and nail. I guess that was just his thing." Deadly serious spoken word interludes proclaim, "go out into all the world and say these things. And everyone that heareth them not shall be likened unto a foolish man." A Fistful of Fuzz is an all-around good compilation—efficient track notes, better-than-expected audio quality, and most of the tracks on A Fistful of Fuzz are unique to this compilation.



The Newbeats: Golden Classics Edition (US, Comp)

An animal-house special. the Newbeats: Larry Henley and Mark & Don Mathis performed 18 campy songs in frat house style. All tracks feature Henley's exaggerated, sometimes painful falsetto, i.e., "Little Child," "Tough Little Buggy," and "The Bees Are for the Birds." However, the style works on "Bread and Better," "Run Baby Run," "Everything's Alright," and the harmony laden "Break Away (From That Boy)." The singing is OK, but the lyrics sound like the work of third-graders. "Better Watch Your Step," is "Bread and Butter" with new lyrics; most interesting is "Pink Daily Rue," which cops the groove of the Ikettes' "I'm Blue" and their rendition of "I Can't Hear You No More." There are no ballads and only a few mid-tempo tracks including "Patent on Love," the only song written by Henley and the best overall. Henley later wrote "Wind Beneath My Wings," but there's nothing that deep here.