Ting Markulin-Rhythm Guitar from the Human Beinz

Recieved a mail this morning, & says:

The Human Beinz "Live in Japan 1968" is bootleg. The Human Beinz did NOT tour Japan in 1968; we toured in 1969. It was our last time together as a group because we broke up; even before the tour in Japan started. We had to do the tour or else we would've been sued. I should know because I was there.
Ting Markulin-Rhythm Guitar
The Human Beinz
originally, The Human Beingz



V.A.: Think Of The Good Times; The Tucson 60's Sound (US 1959/68)

This one goes by our beloved friend Rockinbee.
More in the surf vein.
Perhaps not raw garage like the previous post.

Added here the lp covers.

...served by Rockinbee...


The Grodes/The Tongues Of Truth/The Dearly Beloved: Let's Talk About Girls! Music from Tuscon 1964-1968 (US)


One of the more talented garage bands of the mid-'60s, with a more professional and pop/rock bent than the average garage outfit. The Grodes cut a half-dozen singles between 1965 and 1967, several of which charted in their hometown of Tucson, AZ. They sported a pleasantly driving, melodic sound with obvious debts to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Zombies, the Kingsmen, the Byrds, the Mamas and the Papas, and frat rock, but ultimately didn't offer anything original enough to make them stand out from the pack. Their most lasting contribution arose when they briefly changed their names to the Tongues of Truth and cut the uncharacteristically tough punker "Let's Talk About Girls," which was covered in a much more famous version (later anthologized on Nuggets) by the Chocolate Watchband. The Grodes broke up in 1968 after briefly adding female singer Patti McCarron; lead singer and songwriter Manny Freiser married her and teamed up with her professionally in the soft rock duo Fire & Rain, who released an album for Mercury in 1973.

Album Review

Let's Talk About Girls compiles tracks from the two leading Tucson bands from 1964 to 1968, the Grodes and the Dearly Beloved.
These groups were rivals in their time; the Grodes could be considered the Stones to the Dearly Beloved's Beatles. Both bands are versatile enough to appeal to pop and punk fans, but in general, the Grodes had a harder rock edge, while the Dearly Beloved had stronger vocal harmonies. There are, however, exceptions in both cases. The title track, the Grodes original "Let's Talk About Girls," was released as the only record by the Tongues of Truth, a spontaneous joke-name change given by the band's manager, DJ Dan Gates. For years, the Tongues were thought to be an alias of San Jose's Chocolate Watchband, who also covered that song. The Dearly Beloved nearly broke nationally on the strength of their single "Peep Peep Pop Pop," which led to a contract with Columbia Records. After an album's worth of recording sat on a shelf, the band sued to get out of the contract but broke up soon after. Several of the unreleased Columbia sessions tracks finally see the light of day here.

Many Fresier (the Grodes) interview on
Beyond The Beat Generation site.


The Creation - If I Stay Too Long/Nightmares (UK, 1967)

Polydor 56177

Yehe...realized ? this band is
not the Creation, but the Creations.
Uff...Anyway I said once:
"If I stay too long I ll have nightmares" (true)
Think the guys liked my idea and wrote a song.
Perhaps not, -cause- I was born near 1990,mmm.
They appeared at the 14-Hour Technicolour Dream in London's Alexander Palace in May '67.


4 PK - As Tears Go By (HOL, 1966)

By popular demand...more of the dutchfab4.

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This one goes for Bill and Roadrunner (que sus discos se ven claramente afectados por la mafia rusa...viceversa quizas???...mmm)


The Gonn: The Loudest Band In Town (US, 1966/67)

What a great title for an lp yes.
Like many garage bands of the '60s, the Gonn achieved (slight) international fame beyond anything they attained in their lifetime when their single "Blackout of Gretely" was rediscovered by collectors and reissued in the '80s. From Keokuk, IA, the Gonn released only a couple singles on tiny local labels in 1966 and 1967. Probably the toughest garage band in Iowa (not that there was an enormous amount of competition), the Gonn took their inspiration from the raunchiest aspects of the early Rolling Stones, adding the raw, throat-shredding screams that American groups of the kind were wont to use during this period.

Yep, the loudest band in town-and we ain't kidding! Iowa's GONN spearheaded mid-America's charge into a mindbending fuzzfest with their snarling classic, "Blackout Of Gretely." Now on lethal BeatRocket High-Definition Vinyl, that cut is joined by 13 of GONN's extra crunchy piledrivers circa '66-'67-with astounding fidelity from the original analog master tapes, plus rare photos, memorabilia and detailed band history. Drop the needle if you dare!

More info here.

LOUDEST...fuzzfest yeah.
track 12 (was missing) here.


Drake Levin R.I.P.

July 7, 2009

Drake Levin, lead guitarist for Paul Revere & the Raiders during the quintet's hit-making prime in the mid-1960s, died Saturday at his home in San Francisco after a long battle with cancer, according to his longtime friend and former Raiders bandmate Phil Volk.
He was 62.

Levin's four-year stint with the Raiders, known for its campy Revolutionary War uniforms, thigh-high black riding boots and tri-corner hats, coincided with a string of top 10 hits including "Kicks," "Hungry" and "Good Thing."

Something to listen.


The Creation - Painter Man/Biff Bang Pow (UK, 1966)

(Planet PLF 119)

Painter Man, a No 36 in November 1966. Both featured fine guitar work from Phillips who was the first musician to use a violin bow on his guitar.


The Creation - Making Time/Try & Stop Me (UK, 1966)

(Planet PLF 116)

This group evolved out of The Mark Four, which featured Phillips, Pickett and Jones, with John Dalton on bass. The Mark Four recorded four singles, which are now very sought-after, primarily because they were the first recordings by this personnel. When Dalton departed to join The Kinks, Bob Garner joined from Tony Sheridan's Band as a replacement.

The group then changed their name to The Creation and had two minor UK hits with Making Time, which reached No 49 in July 1966.

Girls are NAKED everywhere...