13th Floor Elevators - Attack of the 8 tracks

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"These recordings languished in collectors circles for almost 40 years, never even played, it took the Roky cd club to free them for those who VALUE THE *THING*, the object, the music, for the first time ever, true sanity prevails on the 8-track mix of the mighty PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS appears here (changed for cd)"...ouh yes brothers, enjoy.

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Al´s Untouchables - Come On Baby (1966)

 From Iowa City, Iowa. Second of two 45s, this from 1966. Both sides feature screaming punk. "Come on Baby" is full of raw energy and fast trashy ringing guitar. "Stick Around" is an original composition, blues/soul crossover with an intense break. 
A classic yes,  com on baby, crazy drums, wild guitar and fast organ sounds = garage punk.
Stick around...emmmgghh a little "quiet"...
yeee, yeee...


V.A. - Live the Funny Farm, Hawaii (1966)

Ok, something quite rare (as hell! some said)
The Manchesters, The Spirits, Undertakers, Val Richards V & The Casuals here.
Hawaii (scene).
Nice covers, Rosalyn, ouh yeah, Dancing in the street...among others.
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13th Floor Elevators - Live in Texas (1967)

from Texas, no introduction necesary..
Por si alguien les escapa...

V.A. - Soundtrack For The Blueband Generation

01 jimmy mccracklin - savoy's jumpre
02 moose john - talkin' 'bout mere
03 etta james - tough loverre
04 big t tyler - king kongre
05 long tall marvin - have mercy miss percyre
06 kid thomas - rockin' this joint tonitere
07 cochran brothers - tired and sleepyre
08 glenn glenn - one cup of coffeere
09 kenny smith - i'm lonesome babyre
10 bobby milano - life begins at 4 o'clock re
11 glenn garrison - lovin' lorene
12 joel hill - i thought it over
13 dick bush - hollywood party
14 johnny amelio - jugue
15 eddie quinteros - slow down sandy
16 eddie ringo - full racin' cam
17 jet powers - go, girl, go
18 jim mccrory - parkin' lot
19 marauders - slippin' and slidin'
20 thee midniters - never knew i had it so bad
21 epics - give me a chance
22 grim reepers - two souls
23 carpetbaggers - let yourself go
24 five of us - need me like i need you
25 aldermen - house of wax
26 lords - on the road again
27 ambertones - if i do
28 new arrivals - just outside my window
29 dirty shames - makin' love
30 thee midniters - everybody needs somebody 
Choco said once...: "So Thee Midnighters were not only the Land of the 1000 Dances band..."
(photos served by the hangover / 60s g bands, thanks...)