Nothing but trouble, the best of Q65

More here
Familiar with some of the songs here, but others are finely new.
Do feel good with more just before 2010. Previous post of the q65 got more than 20 comments, I would love more and more here. Said I wasnt gonna tell nobody...but I.. so highhh so highhh...ahhhh listening The Rat´s at the moment! (enjoy Sarah) :-)


Merry Xmas

Happy holidays, all the best
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The Rationals - Think Rational!

Stand up for this one please.
Advice: All meat - no fat!
Want some more???yeah?ah okydokey.
1 bomb
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3 b
Several Notes about tunes:
I gotta go now - killer tune, catchy.
had you told it like... - great title for a soul garagiiierrr tune.
Knock on wood - uff you remember right?? no words. Amanzingvly.
Leaving here - great cover, raw, nice.
Poor dog - perhaps one of the punk-iest tunes. Great lyrics.
Temptations bout to... - soul one, great vocals.
I need you - bluesy feeling.
you got it made - remainds me to Moby Grape.
Ha Ha - hahahah great tune/vocals.
Sunset - nice, fast, raw, punk.
Time to a blues jam part, part time love 1, great harm-guitar.
Well... I leave the others to you...no more writing, im done.
(aaaa yes, dedicated to my friend Weekend Hippie)


V.A. - The Big Freeze 1

(check vol2)
Enjoy this rare n lovely comp, and do leave comments. And yes! here are another songs of the Shakespears, 4 rockets, Black sharks (cool name isnt it?), Tony & the mule station, delphine, and more...ouhhh yeahhh !
I know its an ugly cover, but the tunes are so fine.


Q65 (1966)

Some nice nederbeat
"The Life I Live" / "Cry In The Night" (AT 10 210)
First I got the first two singles by Q65, which are my very favourite group from Holland, next to Golden Earring maybe. These are: "You're The Victor" / "And Your Kind" (AT 10 189) and "The Life I Live" / "Cry In The Night" (AT 10 210) (both from '66; the B-side of the latter is the best!) -anyonesdaughter-
You're The Victor" / "And Your Kind" (AT 10 189)
wanna big freeze vol1? comments on this one porfavor,gracias


V.A. - The Big Freeze 2

Belgicaneze garage rock - freakbeat & more... expect vol 2 soon...I just need YOU to comment.

V.A. Acid Dreams Epitaph- 75 minutes of Green Fuz

"one can never have enough druggy garage rock in their life"


Les Lutins en orbite (1968)

Check for more at Buffalo´s place.
More classic rock here.


Les Problemes - Je ne vois rien (1965 )

Killer french mod freakbeat EP of the highest calibre – tremendous punker attitude with strong vocals and stunning fuzz guitar work. Compiled on "Neurotic Reaction" .
Still in the french mood, as you noticed posting some of europe now, in the bomber site too!
Stay in tune for more goodies.

Collectors Items from Belgium

Cool instro, nice beat, nice surfy tunes.
Les diaboliques, jumpers, apaches, sharks, les dorians, swingin jaguars and so... ;)


Les Jaguars

The Jaguars were a mainly instrumental group formed in the Saguenay area of Quebec in 1962. They quickly became the kings of the French Canadian rock 'n roll scene due to the creative and experimental style of their lead guitar player Arthur Cossette, who's real name is actually Jean Guy! He pierced his speakers to create his own distortion and fuzz sounds, which he blended into sweet sounds, prefering the melodic tones of the Shadows to the gnarly tuffness of Link Wray.Like most Quebecoise groups, Les Jaguars have remained a "local" group, becoming popular only in their region and prefering to play dances and hotels (in many of the smaller towns in Quebec, the only nightclubs were found in hotels) in the outlying areas of the province. At first, the Jaguars mixed their twang with horns and trumpets, due to the popularity of dance bands. But they soon gained a great following, and were able to continue playing in a pure rock 'n roll style!

Supersonic Recording Stars!

Because the Jaguars music was primarily meant for dancing, their Shadowesque sounds were a little raunchier than many of their French Canadian contemporaries. Songs like " Supersonic Twist", their first 45 mix a little bit of rhythm and blues raunch to create a dance floor grind. But their best and most frantic abrupt picking found it's way on the incredible "Jaguar Shake" ---- which featured a guitar attack as savage as their Cheetah print suits!

Their great selling singles promted their record label to record an LP packed with a few outstanding covers, and their trademark creative originals, which set them way above the rest of the pack! It featured tunes like "Guitar Jet" on which Arthur trades in his innocent staccato for the SEXIEST reverbed sound ever to come out of a guitar!!! Shortly after the LP was released in 1964. The fabulous LP lead to a busy year and the group continued to play thoughout the province. But in 1965, it began to become clear that vocal rock 'n roll was becoming increasingly more popular. Although the Jaguars continued to record for Tournesol, even releasing a second LP, their audience was thinning By 1966 it was clear that the band needed to either change their style, or disband. Sadly, in the Spring of 1966, the Jaguars called it quits.

Jean Guy continued to play rock 'n roll, but adopted the image of "Arthur" a crazy long haired, flowered hipster pants wearing garage band weirdo! He released one quirky solo single, and then joined Les Sinners upon the death of their lead guitar player! The Jaguars name has been resurrected several times by Arthur, and are currently playing in Quebec again. Their post 60's material is different (the Jaguars hits have been re-recorded several times) from their old sound.


The Steps

Classic Indonesian 60s surf/pop LP Krontjong Warna-Warni by The Steps. "No effort was taken to improve the sound quality of this original master recording".
Shadows/Ventures vein...ouh yeah.
Not raw sounds, cause Im n the mood.




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PPhhsstt ! Hey perhaps more bombs ahead...

Thanks to the visitor "beatmedaddy"

the stuff from the bomber blog still alive.
So lets wait for a new ole blog (new address, same old shieeiittt...)



"This (seemed like it) is the end.." (of mza-acid blog)

This morning read a mail (not in my house, studiyng hard in a friends farm)
that said thee exactly words:
"We'd like to inform you that we've received another complaint regarding your blog (http://mza-acid.blogspot.com/). Upon review of your account, we've noted that your blog has repeatedly violated Blogger's Terms of Service (http://www.blogger.com/terms.g). Given that we've provided you with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy towards repeat infringers, we've been forced to remove your blog."
Bomber´s note:
I dont have much to say except that i never recieved repeatedly complaints... but I think its too late, so...
I ll start again it would be nice if someone have some links or copiesys of my posts...I dont know...everythings helps now...too late yaiakgjgk !
(mysteryposter) Anywaaaay... snatch & grab folks!It's about that time to start looking back.....sure were some great "good ole' days," warn't they??

...cue Jim Morrison:"This (seemed like it) is the end.."
(aka bomber blog)


V.A. - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 2

Take a Trip to the Psychedelic/Punk Era in Texas


V.A. - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 1

A series of 6 brilliant LP's were released by a guy named Dave Shutt
out of Austin, TX back in 1982/83. They were limited edition of 200
per volume and were as close (if not clones) to the original 45's
(despite their condition) that you could get. Dave was an authority
on Texas Punk until he opted to sell his phenomenal 60's punk/psych
collection around 1986 . He also released a book on all the Texas
garage bands (1st pub 1978 / 2nd pub -revised 1984) entitled "Journey
Through Tyme". I feel fortunate enough to have known Dave and a kudos
goes out to him for all his efforts in keep the 60s punk scene moving
forward.(1st uploaders note)


More Boots...yeah this time live

Tv perfomances...live stuff, no playback all live here.
This one goes by courtesy of our beloved and always "beater" friend Roadrunner.
For more check his Beat Laboratory here.

The Attack - Final Daze (1967/69)

But this consists of unreleased 1967-1968 material by this minor British mod-psychedelic band, taken from guitarist John Du Cann's personal collection of acetates. It can't be considered the definitive Attack compilation, as it has nothing from the band's four 1967-1968 Decca singles (most of those tracks have shown up on various-artists compilations). It's fair, but no more than fair, British mod-psychedelia, catching the very beginning of the moment when U.K. psych started to head in a consciously heavy direction. Two of the cuts, "Freedom for You" and "Feel Like Flying," would have been the fifth Attack single had the band not been dropped by Decca, and "Freedom for You" is certainly one of the best things the Attack recorded, with a breathless, hard pop tempo and pretty good minor-key harmonies. For the most part it's pretty standard period British pop-psychedelic, with some of the more serious and louder numbers indicating that the group members might have been pretty intense Cream fans. Occasionally, as on "Magic in the Air," there's that fruity, childlike British whimsy characteristic of many pop-psych hybrids from that short but intense period of British pop. Half of this material showed up as bonus tracks on the CD reissue of the album by Five Day Week Straw People, which also featured John Du Cann. However, the remaining eight tracks (including alternate versions of a couple of numbers that had been released on the Five Day Week Straw People disc) are previously unreleased, although they're somewhat more marginal in worth.

The Boots (GER)

Back with some, not all the music´s from these singles, just some nice comp.


V.A. - Bury My Body (US)

90% Of all contributions compiled for the first time. 23 Track collection of rare & outstanding US 60s punk, incredible garage coolness & excellent moody teen sounds. Featuring SIR KENNETH & YORKSHIRE COACHMEN, COLE & THE EMBERS, COLOURS OF NIGHT, CENTURIES, DAVE & THE STONE HEARTS, SENSATIONAL SLEEPERS, DISTURBERS, FUGITIVE FIVE, BARONS, J.T. & THE THREE WISE MEN, CASTAWAYS FIVE, ZERO END, and more. Booklet with coloured label reprints. All tracks painstakinly remastered for the garage connoisseur.

V.A. - Baltimore´s Teen Beat A Go Go

16 of the best '60's groovers from the Baltimore region. A compilation of garage beat and R 'n' B stompers that was first issued on vinyl back in 1966. Original copies now change hands for over $200. If it's collectables you're after, this includes cuts by Night Walkers, Del Prixs, Amoebas, Rysing Suns, Vendors, Beggars, Joey Charles and more.


V.A. - South Michigan Avenue

Though the ’60s garage band explosion was felt in every corner ofthe country, the local uprising of talent in Chicago thrived unlike anywhere else. The Windy City had the perfect infrastructure in place; from a booming population of teenagers, to hip music stores in every suburb, a proliferation of teen clubs willing to take their money, and a powerhouse radio station (WLS) equally up to promoting local bands. When it came to giving local groups a shot at 45 rpm fame, no Chicago label—not even the hallowed Dunwich Records—was more prolific than USA Records. USA’s Jim Golden was such a strong supporter of Midwest talent that he started up a second label focused solely in this area, Destination Records. A quarter century into the CD age, it’s hard to believe these pivotal labels have never been properly anthologized. Until now, that is! Sundazed once again arrives to the rescue with an exhaustive dive into the pure, undiluted garage side of USA and Destination Records; tapping into everything from priceless artifacts from the Lost Agency, the Foggy Notions, and Park Avenue Playground to label hitmakers the Buckinghams, the Cryan’ Shames, and the Flock at their most rockin’. There’s so much impossibly great music on these labels, we had to expand this collection to 40 tracks. The album artwork is stuffed with rare photos, band bios, and an interview with the legendary Jim Golden. For a full course of Chicago ’66 garage at its finest, look no further than 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60’s Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records!


V.A. - The Fenton Story

Bosshoss. Another from garagepunk.
Re upped fromo Choco.
30 killers - rare from 60s.



V.A. - Fuzz Guitars Garage Beats Vol. 2

The cover is not that good...the musiq is beauuuutifuuuu(zzz)l.

As I said once:
Can you say fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?


V.A. - New Orleans Garage Band Greats Vol. 1

Cause our partner (Chocoreve) the old bomb dropper is not available these days...I ll do some re-post of the stuff that you could find in his blog.


The Creation - Midway Down (UK, 1968)

The Creation made far more impact on the Continent, where two albums were issued, than in the UK. Both albums are good, containing many of their singles and other strong material such as Hey Joe, Nightmares and Can I Join Your Band?:-
'Can I join your band
I'm a hippy guy
Always stoned
And eight miles high'
(from Can I Join Your Band?)
-Vernon J. source-

The Creation - For All That I am (UK, 1968)

They made a further single, For All That I Am/Uncle Bert, which was not released in Britain, before splitting in the Summer of 1968.

Dedicated to Sarah

V.A.: Garage Punk Unknowns Part 1

Kickass comp, you ll find more in the Paradaise of Garage Comps



The Riot Squad (UK, 1965/67)

This Liverpool band underwent several personnel changes in their three year career and enjoyed quite a prolific 45 output, though no commercial success. They were usually a six-piece and their music was predominantly beat and R&B. Mitch Mitchell (later of Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames and The Jimi Hendrix Experience) was one of their drummers and Jon Lord was their keyboard player after leaving The Artwoods and prior to forming Deep Purple. David Bowie was also a member for a brief period in '65, although he didn't take part in any of their recordings, and has only been connected with the band via a publicity shot from the period... Aside from these subsequent prestigious associations their other claim to fame was to have appeared on a couple of episodes of 'Emergency Ward 10' - not playing their songs, though!

All of their 45s are now minor collectables. Cry Cry Cry and I Take It That We're Through were Joe Meek productions. Curiously, another Meek produced track, How Is It Done was later ripped off almost note for note and word for word as No Life Child by Keith Dangerfield.
Previous post about the Squad, here.