Nothing but trouble, the best of Q65

More here
Familiar with some of the songs here, but others are finely new.
Do feel good with more just before 2010. Previous post of the q65 got more than 20 comments, I would love more and more here. Said I wasnt gonna tell nobody...but I.. so highhh so highhh...ahhhh listening The Rat´s at the moment! (enjoy Sarah) :-)


Merry Xmas

Happy holidays, all the best
Pablo(aka the bomber)


The Rationals - Think Rational!

Stand up for this one please.
Advice: All meat - no fat!
Want some more???yeah?ah okydokey.
1 bomb
2 b
3 b
Several Notes about tunes:
I gotta go now - killer tune, catchy.
had you told it like... - great title for a soul garagiiierrr tune.
Knock on wood - uff you remember right?? no words. Amanzingvly.
Leaving here - great cover, raw, nice.
Poor dog - perhaps one of the punk-iest tunes. Great lyrics.
Temptations bout to... - soul one, great vocals.
I need you - bluesy feeling.
you got it made - remainds me to Moby Grape.
Ha Ha - hahahah great tune/vocals.
Sunset - nice, fast, raw, punk.
Time to a blues jam part, part time love 1, great harm-guitar.
Well... I leave the others to you...no more writing, im done.
(aaaa yes, dedicated to my friend Weekend Hippie)


V.A. - The Big Freeze 1

(check vol2)
Enjoy this rare n lovely comp, and do leave comments. And yes! here are another songs of the Shakespears, 4 rockets, Black sharks (cool name isnt it?), Tony & the mule station, delphine, and more...ouhhh yeahhh !
I know its an ugly cover, but the tunes are so fine.