The Standells - The Live ones (1966)

Vynyl ryp
from a friend that says:
" hola bomber. Grandes discos estos que posteas de The Standells, uno de mis grupos preferidos
Por si lo quereis, aquĆ­ os dejo el "The Live Ones", ripeado de mi vinilo de 10" en FLAC."

Get some
-By the way friends, have your cigarettes been tasting different lately...
>you shouldnt say that!
Sometimes, good guys dont wear...nothing!


The Beat Merchants - The beat goes on (1963/67)

Bombeado por primera vez aca
Interesting to read.
Again by popular demand...
So this is coming back now from whence it began to spin.


The Standells - Zebra in the kitchen(1964)/B.J. Quetzal(1965)

Zebra in the kitchen 1964
Even though the Standells were signed to Liberty Records, we were allowed a special record deal with MGM Records. The recording Zebra in the Kitchen, was the title song from the movie of the same name, starring Jay North. Sung by Larry, the song was produced by Perry Botkin Jr., who was quite a well-known composer / arranger for films in those days. The song was not written by us. It was not even written as a rock song and we had to completely re-arrange it.(Larrys Tamblyn notes)

B.J. Quetzal 1965
Also found something nice n interesting here

Early stuff...not what we are get used to listen about the guys, but quite lovely too, its impossible not to move your feet with the rhythm!!!
I prefer the zebra in the garage...sory in the kitchen, I saw one similar here.


Kwyet Kinks (1965)

A well respected ep.
Its said thathis one s the most important.

The EP represented a significant departure as hinted at by the play on words title as all four tracks are 'quieter' than the typical early Kinks rock sound.
NEP 24221
Vinyl, 7", EP #2


The Standells - Bad guys dont wear black

A quick one, doble douse of rarities. Just cant get enough of the masters.
Did i tell ya this is one of my favourites yes? Well, this is another to complete the collection.
Quieren mas?More? check here.
A quick one, low on weight and a nice quality.
Stay in tune for more of the Boston boys.


King Arthur Quart - Live at Allen Jr. High (1966)

Rudi's first band, which played junior high school sock hops, fire hall teen dances and parties in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Their set consisted mostly of covers of cover versions, usually 3 chord top Forty hits like "Hang On Sloopy," "Gloria" and "Louie Louie," although they did play Rudi's first original song, "Penis Between Us," as well as a few more that would later be transformed into Fuzztones songs. In 2004, Misty Lane released "KING ARTHUR'S QUART - LIVE AT ALLEN JR. HIGH 1966," a 5 song 45. A full length CD is available through Sin Records.
Bigler Brandt-lead vocals, tambourine;
Dan Devincent-lead vocals, tambourine;
Rudi Protrudi-lead & rhythm guitar;
Barry Cupp-lead & rhythm guitar;
Dana Patterson-bass;
Paul Adjan-drums; Mike-organ.