Sam The Sham - Lil´red riding hood (1966)

Two killers.
Me, I love "The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin" 
written by Ronald Blackwell.

"Li'l Red Riding Hood" is another monster from Sam and his Pharaohs. By the end of July-a mere eight weeks after its release-"Li'l Red Riding Hood" was number one on the national charts, and a Gold Record had already been issued,-symbolizing more than one million sales. And the record was still going strong.(Kruse)

Good to know that...

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Emy Jackson & The Smashmen (60´s)

Hangover reviewed...
Vocal garage pop sweet cute rock?
Anyhow, quite enjoyable.
Comp. +than 20 trax here. 
From the land of the Kamikazes, yeap.


V.A. - This side up

1. BOJAX: Don't look back (Panther)
2. DANNY BURK & THE INVADERS: Ain't going nowhere (Ara)
3. CHASERS: I'm sure (CLW)
4. CHECKMATES: Hey Girl (Ruff)
5. CORDIALS: Tell me please (Bundy)
6. ESQUIRES: Settle down (Scratch)
7. HUMAN BEINZ: My Generation (Gateway)
8. J.G. GIANTS: Caught you red handed (Result)
9. JAGGED EDGE: You can't keep a good man down (Gallant)
10. JAGGED EDGE: How she's hurtin' me (Gallant)
11. JOHN & PAUL: I'm walkin' (Tip)
12. RONNIE KING & THE PASSIONS: Girl break away (Gateway)
13. LAST KNIGHTS: Twenty-four hours a day (Paris Tower)
14. MODS: Ritual (Mod)
15. BOB MORRISON: I looked in the mirror (Columbia)
16. NERVOUS SYSTEM: Bones (Jambee)
17. PRISNERS DREAM: Autumn Days (Rene)
18. RUN-A-ROUNDS: I can't take you back (Manel)
19. RUN-A-ROUNDS: I couldn't care less (Manel)
20. SPECTRES: No good, no where world (N-Joy)
21. SUNSHINE REIGNS: Acelia Dulfin (MBM)
22. THIS SIDE UP: Why can't I dream (Prestige Productions)
23. ULTIMATES: Little Girl (Lavender)
24. "YOU KNOW WHO" GROUP: Hey you and the wind and the rain (International)


Let´s keep on bombing !

This blog is under attack...definitely, its a whole shitty sutiation...
Thanks all for the support and the lovely mails :)


V.A. - Garage Jukebox

01 - 27th airborne submarine - old time story
02 - embermen five - baby i'm forgettin' you
03 - emotions - sometimes
04 - gentle touch - visitors parking only
05 - guilloteens - i sit and cry
06 - hungry i's - half your life
07 - juveniles - i wish i could
08 - richie knight & the midnighters - homework
09 - light brigade - baby you don't care
10 - luvin kynd - missy d.m.
11 - me & the guys - i can't take it
12 - me & the guys - why can't you be true
13 - meddy's people - fantasy world
14 - misters virtue - summer knight
15 - noises 'n' sounds - how much lovin'
16 - norsemen - home on a cloud
17 - omen & their luv - maybe later
18 - missing links - come inside my heart
19 - rob kirk & the world - girl talk
20 - ronnie king & the passions - girl break away
21 - secrets - cryin' over her
22 - shays - want you i don't
23 - snaps - you don't want me
24 - spectra - hurry girl
25 - expressions - return to innocence
26 - expressions - one more night
27 - those rogues - girl
28 - threads of fybre - mama
29 - tomorrow's keepsake - elevator operator
30 - topsy turbys - snake woman
31 - unknown vi - all of the time
32 - wet paint - we call him a man
33 - young strangers - she's gone


Les Problemes - Ballade a Luis Rego, Prisonnier Politique (1965)

Is there any "pop" jerk outhere? ? ?
And no...its not the same cover as the previous post.
ep vogue
Wish a good football cup to all.


With..The Tol-Puddle Martyrs (1967/68)

The originals were...
  Big thanks to the guys from "my first band"...


Also check in the guide.
 Nellie bligh, a nice ballad, more psych.
"Love your life": a happy tune, everybody has a life, love your wife, 
much sugar for me.
More fast, "social cell", great guitars.
Now, time will come, yes, the best song in the ep (?).
Which one do you like the most?
-p/s click on the pictures to read more-


? & The Mysterians - 96 tears (1966)

Did you know that...
The band's frontman and primary songwriter was ?. Though the singer has never confirmed it, Library of Congress copyright registrations indicate that his birth name is Rudy Martinez. His eccentric behavior helped to briefly establish the group in the national consciousness. He claimed (and still claims) to be a Martian who lived with dinosaurs in a past life, and he never appears in public without sunglasses. He talks about traveling into the future and visiting other planets, asserting that he has done so. No other witnesses are known to have shared his questionable claims.

13th Floor Elevators - You´re gonna miss me (1966)

Ok, so perhaps you expected this one first...
but the first goes last and the best perhaps.
About the post...it speaks for itself...
nothing to add...

Ray Hoff & The Off Beats - Let´s Go (1966)

Check my other sit(d)e.
Pure R´n´b ! Rare as hell.