The Others - Revenge (1966)

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The Panthers & The Friends - Swedish rock history vol. 3

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The Friends

One of the many Scandinavian bands who took their inspiration from the Pretty Things in the mid-'60s. Little is known of this Swedish group, who released a few singles in 1965 and 1966. Their frenetic rock/R&B (sung entirely in English) was heavy on the snarling and somewhat accented vocals, accelerated tempos, and undisciplined guitar leads, and their recorded repertoire was mostly original.

01 - He's In Town

02 - Joe McCartney

03 - I't Necessarily So

04 - Empty Handed

05 - Git It

06 - Talkin' About You

07 - Talkin' About You

08 - Bye Bye

09 - Spring Of Love

1 - 6 Sgs

7 - 9 unreleased

The Phanters

10 - Just Walking In The Rain

11 - Corrine Corrina

12 - Hey Woman

13 - Let Me Tell You

14 - Girl I Love You

15 - I'll Be Pleased

16 - Baby

17 - I Just Want To Make Love You

18 - Very Last Day

19 - Don't You Know Why

20 - Half Way To Paradise

21 - I Wanna Be Your Man

22 - Hi-Heel Sneakers

23 - Bad Blues

24 - Come Back To Me

25 - I'm The Best

26 - In The Mood

27 - Dreams Of Spring

28 - Trocadero

10 - 20 Sgs

21 - 22 Live

23 - 28 unreleased

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Five By Five - Next Exit (1968)

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The Panthers

This is the cover of the album 64-66(?), anyone can say something about the guys.(more info, pictures & more)

The Panthers were one of several Swedish groups in the mid-'60s who recorded fairly often without establishing much of a personality. Merseybeat, R&B, folk music, bad pop ballads, Ventures/Shadows-like instrumentals -- all were fair game. They did write much of their own material, and released at least half a dozen singles in the mid-'60s. But they're not worth paying attention to unless you've got a yen for documenting generic Continental rock of the era. (allmusic)

Garageland records
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Fabulous Sounds from Southern Sweden, The Namelosers

Band bio
album review
More info n tnxthe pics

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The Motions - Impressions of wonderful (1965/67)

A pretty typical Dutch "beat" group of the 1960s, the Motions were pretty popular in their native land, releasing seven albums and over 27 singles in their eight-year career. Far from the best Dutch group, and far from the worst, most of their hits were fairly ordinary fare, ranging from dippy folkish ballads to tough mod rockers. Their best cut is the positively ferocious mod stomper "Everything That's Mine" (1966), with a searing feedback break worthy of the early Who. They're really most remembered for their lead guitarist and songwriter, Robby van Leeuwen, who left in 1967 to form Shocking Blue, and penned that group's international smash, "Venus."
Ouh the guys were soooou goo-u-d.
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Unknown Mystery 60's Group

Unknown Mystery 60's Group Volume I (Distortions) was released in 1997. The songs on the CD were found on a reel to reel tape at an outdoor flea market in Philadelphia. Nothing was known about the group except for the song titles, which were written on the tape box. The two photos on the CD were inside the tape box as well. Members of the "unknown group" were asked to contact the record label for their royalties and further contract negotiations.

In 2001, Octopus Records decided to track down the combo responsible for such gems as "Birdhouses", "Percival", and "Are You Mad At Me". Requests for info about the unknown group were placed in the classified sections of various Philadelphia Newspapers. A number of respondents (fans, neighbors, and relatives) provided clues that led Octopus to the band's drummer and archivist, currently living in Spain, who generously supplied Octopus with missing details, photographs, and tapes that made the Unknown Mystery 60's Group Volume II possible. Unfortunately, one concession to the members had to be granted before the release of Volume II: the identity of the band would have to remain anonymous. Why? The expatriate, serving as a spokesman for the others, replied: "It's more or less Bob Dylan's line: "I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now."

Thanks to the band archivist in Spain, another volume of brilliant songs by the "Unknown Group" was released by Birdhouse Records in July 2007. Mastered from the original tapes, this collection of 12 Love Songs showcases the band at the height of their songwriting and musical powers.
"An intriguing cavalcade of Pete Townshend vim and chiming, early-Todd Rundgren sweetness nevertheless"
VOX Magazine

"It's exactly the kind of thing cults are made of"
The Bob

"Acoustic-electric psych pop with quirky songwriting and tight harmonies"
Record Collector

"This UNKNOWN 60'S MYSTERY music is WAY tasty stuff indeed"
Mr. Fab's Pop Blab
Not Lame Recordings

"The recordings, at a guess, seem to date from around '67 or '68. Consisting of 14 tracks (all originals), the group seems to have been a folk-rock type of group that were heavily influenced by the west coast sound. Tracks like "I Wanna Let You Know", "Percival", and "Are You Mad at Me" have a Buffalo Springfield edge with "I Wanna Let You Know" being a standout with a cool lead guitar and a simple but effective harp solo. "Is It Me or Is It You?" would actually be right at home on a later Beau Brummels LP while "Bumby" sounds like a Byrds "outtake" session -pretty cool stuff! My vote for the most rockin' track goes to "She's So Fine." With it's driving bass line and sneering guitar work, this Beatles influenced song would've been a good candidate for a 45. The group takes a minor turn into Psychedelia with "Salisbury Jane", which sounds like it could've been written by The British North American Act. The questions about the group will hopefully be answered in the upcoming years. So until then, if folk rock's your bag, dig the sounds of the "Unknown Mystery Group".
Tony Sanchez
Ugly Things

Who tha hell are The Bob? and that record collector??
The Bomber

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VOL 1.


V.A. - Psychedelic Microdots, Vol. 2: Texas Twisted

Easily a 13th Floor elevators album, but no way, we also have here The Changing Times, Southwest FOB, The Living End & the Menerals, ouh yeah!
Great, just great comp, a 5 star one, here you have a fast raw beat, psych in minor dose, garageeer tunes (aggrr) and a lovely set perfomed by Roky & co.
Nice Love cover by the Menerals.Who is it doing this doing that duitikitiduitikiditi ? ? ?
I thought that it was an electric bass doing that all the time!
Going like crazy! (Ron Chapman)
...maybe I can make music with this thing...(Tommy Hall)