Electric Banana (1967/69)

The Electric Banana was an alias used by British rockers the Pretty Things beginning in the '60s and throughout the '70s, comprised of members Phil May (vocals), Dick Taylor (lead guitar), Wally Waller (bass), and John Povey (drums). In an effort to make some quick money, the group contributed music to a variety of low-budget films, one such title being The Haunted House of Horror. The Electric Banana issued several obscure albums (all long out-of-print and extremely hard to find) -- 1967's self-titled debut, 1968's More Electric Banana, 1969's Even More Electric Banana, and 1970's Hot Licks.

Early complete recordings, instrumental demos, b sides and more.

1967 Electric Banana dewolfe dwlp 3040
1968 More Electric Banana dewolfe dwlp 3069
1969 Even More Electric Banana dewolfe dwlp 3123
More recordings remixed in stereo


The Chants R&B : The Stage Door Tapes Live (NZ, Live 1966)

Great live`n raw recordings from this amazing band from New Zealand.

Forming in Christchurch in 1964 Chants R&B were really New Zealand's Pretty Things. Their musical influences were British R'n'B outfits like The Stones, Pretty Things and Kinks. Initially they were called The Chants, but changed their name after discovering a U.K. act with the same name.

They were a regular live attraction at a club called The Stage Door. Three of their four 45 cuts - a Courtney/Rudd original I Want HerI'm Your Witchdoctor and Meaux's Neighbour Neighbour - can also be heard on Wild Things, Vol. 1I'm Your Witchdoctor on How Was The Air Up There?, Neighbour, Neighbour, which featured great vocals and gruff guitar work, on Ugly Things, Vol. 3 and It's A Kave-In and finally I'm Your Witchdoctor on The Best Of Ugly Things. and covers of John Mayall's and show them to be a competent R'n'B outfit. Other compilation appearances include

They caused quite a sensation when Mike Rudd nailed his still plugged in and switched on guitar to the stage floor during a gig in June 1966.

Their original guitarist Jim Tomlin, who also played the hypnotic Indian flute on I Want Her, left in mid-1966 to be replaced by Max Kelly, but Tomlin returned to produce their second 45.

In November 1966, they headed for Melbourne with a new line-up (C), but when Trevor and Mike fell out (a classic case of 'musical differences') they split in early 1967.

There's a recommended 1996 compilation album with lots of previously unreleased material.

In Tim Piper they had one of the region's best blues guitarists and Mike Rudd was pretty powerful with the axe too. Piper later played with Australia's Chain and Alta Mira.

Great info about them in the hangover

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The Jades of Fort Worth: Introducing the Jades (US 60`s raw garage recordings)

This lp was later released in 1982 (Cicadelic 1000)
Here you ll find lots of covers. These recordings were from 65 till 69.

A raw punk outfit from Fort Worth who were a popular local attraction in their day. Sometimes known as The Jades Of Fort Worth, their second 45 and later pressings of the third one were released under that name. Their third 45 was originally credited to Jades Of Stone. They specialised in cover versions, which they delivered in their own fiery style. On I'm Alright Gary Carpenter set a Rolling Stones song to new lyrics and the formula worked - they enjoyed a local hit. Next up was a Small Faces song and for their third and final effort they chose a Van Morrison composition.

They finally called it a day in 1969, by which time only Carpenter and McCool remained from their original line-up. For the first half of the seventies Carpenter played in a showband called Colossus, and later he recorded an album which he decided not to release. After a spell as a DJ in Fort Worth he was last heard of managing the Sound Idea stereo store in Camp Bowie.

The most comprehensive guide to their material can be found on their retrospective album.

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The Blazers: On Fire (1966, US Superb Garage,R&B)

I told Maxi: "pay attention carefully to this lp."
Highly recommended, raw songs, nice balads, great rock and superb covers. Really, a great album for me.
Great versions of Have Mercy, Stand by me, Good lovin, My girl and Mustang Sally. (great cover repertoire)

Waiting to see if you notice any info more of this band or some info to add.

From Kansas City, Missouri. I Don't Need You, composed by D. Hord, is catchy garagey-beat with haunting electric piano. The Halter-composed flip is derivative saxy rockin' pop with echoes of DC5's version of Berry Gordy's Do You Love Me.

LINK: Have mercy... (leechers)


The Kinetics: Snow Children (1967,US, also as The 5 Kinetics/Kinetic Energy)

After years of gigging, the Houghton-based rock group The Kinetics were poised on the cusp of national exposure in 1968. They had released two singles, an LP, toured extensively around the midwest and filled concert halls in Chicago.
Formed in 1963 as The Kinetic Energy, the group was led by singer Frank Gallis, who was a 'dancer' while on stage and always moving,
giving life to the name, which means energy in motion.

If you want to read the complete history about this rare band, with lots of pictures and great reviews and interviews, check rock n roll graffiti .

Produced by Fran Locatelli, the long player was titled "Snow Children." Credited to the (Five) Kinetics, the LP was issued by Recorded Publications Co., Camden, N. J., and carried the catalog number 81262.

The album's simple two-color cover features various geometric shapes, but no image of the Kinetics. That's because the cover wasn't considered important compared to the record inside which was supposed to sell the group.

An order was placed for 2,500 copies of the album, which was also sold in some Copper Country retail stores, at dances, and distributed to selected disc jockeys.



Embalo R (1967, Brasilian Garage)

Surf sounds... instrumental, flower, pop, some classic.
This lost lp from Brasil.
English/brazilian lyrics.
You ll find some rare covers...
of course, from the Beatles among others.



Half Tribe: Only Starting (US,1965)

From the Reading, Pennsylvania area this ouffit, also known as the 'Half Tribe of Manasseh' or just 'The Tribe' left just one gloriously rare vinyl artifact - (no 45s traced) - of decent garage music featuring mainly covers - Money, Empty Heart, MalagueƱa, Summertime etc. Shortly after this the band would disintegrate - Hawkins and Sammis going on to form The Other Half whose LP is equally rare.

Very very rare... really really good. Dig it.