The Loot: Singles A`s & B`s (Singles Compilation)


The Loot were something of a poppier, minor-league Troggs. Like the Troggs, they came from Andover. Guitarist Dave Wright had been an early member of the Troggs, and briefly replaced Chris Britton in the Troggs when Britton left the band for a short spell in 1967. The Loot recorded for Page One, the label run by Troggs manager Larry Page, and issued "Baby Come Closer" as their 1966 debut single; the song would also be done by the Troggs on their second LP. The Loot never did have anything close to a hit, in large part because they never did corral the right song for any of their half-dozen 1966-1969 singles. They played fair but hardly outstanding moddish pop/rock, a bit lusty and raw sometimes, but not nearly as much so as the Troggs. Seven of the 12 songs from their singles are included on the various-artists compilation Untamed & Innocent, which also has rarities from fellow collector-favorite mod bands the Sorrows, the Untamed, and the Thoughts.

Listen this good album by The Loot, great Troggs alike, this one contains all their singles.

SHE IS A WINNER ! ! ! ? ? ? ! ! !


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


Maximiliano said...

Te tengo que agradecer porque nunca los habia escuchado y me los hiciste descubrir.
Me gusto mucho, inclusive el sonido muy bueno.
Tenes razon son los hijitos bobos de The Troggs, pero le ponian onda.


Anonymous said...

Gracias :D

Mike said...

I have been after She's A Winner for 15 years after hearing 30 seconds of it on the radio. I had no clue who it was by and only a guess at the title. just by rndom chane I found it here.. Many Thanls!

The Bomber said...

great to hear this lovely tunes on the radio...