The Superfine Dandelion (US,1966/68,Garage-Acid-Folk-Rock)

This outfit was based in Phoenix, Arizona between 1966-68 and were earlier known as The Mile Ends. Their first 45 contains the fine psychedelic punk of The Other Sidewalk, and the flip features sitars and has a mellow trippy feel, with the vocalist wishing that he'd never come down...

After such an interesting start, they went on to chart regionally with their People In The Street 45, but their album had a strong country influence and is largely dispensable.

Most of the band later went on to greater things - Black and McFadden joined Goose Creek Symphony and later worked for Linda Ronstadt. Anderson later joined Beans who evolved into The Tubes.

The Superfine Dandelion album was reissued on CD by Sundazed in 2000, augmented by non-LP cuts from 45s and outtakes, including four songs from the pre-Superfine Dandelion days by the Mile Ends.

I really like this album, A-lot!. Highly recommended. Hard to put em right, garage, psychedelic touches, folk rock, acid moments. You must hear this one.

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24HourDejaVu said...

yes this is a good one
glad u put it up

germt said...

Ninguneado por muchos "enterados" este disco (creo que es su único Lp en el mercado)a mi me resulta encantador y lleno de canciones memorables.Como se dice en presentación combinan a la perfección toda la música de mediado de los 60s, en especial su vena más nostálgica. Recomendable cien por cien.Gracias Pablo.

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


isksp said...
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isksp said...

that's a great album, thanks

by the way, i just posted some albums from Count Five and The Cortinas that you may like (isksp.blogspot.com)


Mateus Paul said...

Incrível disco de Beat, além das músicas com uma pegada um pouco coutry!
"Don't Try To Call Me" é ótima!!!

Anonymous said...

I was trying to download the Superfine Dandelion album ......... however I'm being asked for a password to unzip the file. What password should I use?

Just found your blog ..... looks excellent.



Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

hi Andy, the passw are usually in the first comments, read them and youll find out in every album posted here.

the passw x this one is:

stay in tune!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but where does the art come from? I have run across this AlbumArt stuff from time to time and have always hated it's poor quality and general useless nature.

Anonymous said...

link don't work - fuck off!