Skip & The Creations: Mobam (US, 1966)

From Colonial Heights, just outside of Richmond, Virginia. This band's album is a rare and sought-after collectable. The album is garagey frat-rock of the soulful sort - covers include Harlem Shuffle, 99.5, Double Shot, Turn On Your Lovelight, Respectable, Gimme Some Lovin'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - you get the picture? I'm Calling You Baby is the most uptempo offering here - a jerky and infectious ditty but overall not recommended for garage fans.
Practically nothing is known about Skip & the Creations, apart from the fact that they were a sextet, that their first names were Walter, Brute, Jeffrey, Skip, Rick, and Tommy, and that Skip was their lead singer, Jeffrey was the lead guitarist, Walter may have been the organist, and Brute played a Fender-model bass. And that they seemed bent on becoming Virginia's answer to the Outsiders. They cut 11 songs for Justice Records sometime in 1967 or thereabouts, and disappeared sometime after that. and


These boys really tried hard, mixing r&b and gospel influences in a surprisingly effective fashion, and their concert performances must've been awesome in the context of the times. It's a shame they didn't leave more of a trail behind that could be followed today, apart from these 11 songs cut around 1967. Their cover of "Double Shot Of My Baby's Love" was no threat to the Swingin' Medallions, nor was their "Respectable" going to make the Outsiders worry about losing gigs-but even here Skip and company did sing with a demented, soulful snarl that makes their work entertaining and animated, and puts these performances over. The songs include their version of the Jamess Brown standard "I'll Go Crazy" (also covered by the original Moody Blues-these guys sound like they learned it off the original), and Skip is a pretty mean soul shouter here. "Try Me" is the highlight of the album, a seriously soulful rendition with a gospel-tinged organ that lights up the entire song. "Turn On Your Lovelight" and "Gimme Some Lovin'" are also desirable tracks, their drummer probably losing 10 pounds everytime he did the former on stage, with its myriad changes and embellishments.


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