The Symbols (US, 1968)

This Essex group is best known for their cover of The Ronettes Best Part Of Breaking Up, which was a minor hit. Originally known as Johnny Milton and The Condors, they had a distinctive four-part harmony sound. Their first 45, One Fine Girl, was a Van McCoy number produced by Mickie Most. Their other minor hit, was a cover of The Four Season's Bye Bye Baby. They caused a minor stir in the music press by disowning their album when it came out. Their final effort was an old Ronettes number. Mick Clarke was later in The Rubettes and Chas Wade had been in Rush / Tinkerbell's Fairydust.



Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

Passw: mza-garage.blogspot.com

Javier said...

Gracias una vez más por tu estupendo blog, no tiene desperdicio MY BABE. Este grupo me parece acojonante.

esmenard.victor said...

Not very garage, but quite nice UK pop group, thank you.

Chris said...

what's the password? thanks

Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

Gracias Javier por tus comentarios
yes...soft garage uh.
put em here, but i had my doubts too.
Chris...the passw its in the 1st comment.

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