V.A.: For A Few Fuzz Guitars More

For a Few Fuzz Guitars More is the sequel to A Fistful of Fuzz and like the first volume, features plenty of fuzz guitar. The feel of this collection is garagier (if that's a word) than A Fistful of Fuzz, but both volumes draw primarily from the late 1960s. The sound quality of For a Few Fuzz Guitars More is not as good as the first volume, as surface noise is more apparent on these recordings, but the tracks themselves are rawer late-1960s garage-psychedelia and the tone of much of the material on this CD is darker than on the first volume in the series. The opening tracks, "Doomsday" by the Purple Sun and "Last Day on Earth" by the Velvet Haze, set an apocalyptic tone for For a Few Fuzz Guitars More. This collection also contains a number of anti-war records—"Lottery" by Rochelle Rosenthal & the Kickball Queen and "Where Are We Now" by the Dystraction. For a Few Guitars More has its share of hippie drug songs—"Walls of My Mind" by the Ritual and "Ma-mari-huana" by the Sub. One disappointing thing about For a Few Fuzz Guitars More is the lack of liner notes. Where A Fistful of Fuzz had notes about every track, the only information given about the recordings included here are pictures of the labels of the original 45s. Despite the lack of liner notes and the less-than-perfect audio quality, this is a good collection and most of the tracks that are unique to this compilation.

can u say: FUZZZZZZZZZZZ....


Anonymous said...

1. Purple Sun - "Doomsday" (2:43)
2. Velvet Haze - "Last Day on Earth" (2:22)
3. Golden Grass - "Elastic Soldier" (2:16)
4. Bare Facts - "Toy Soldier" (2:37)
5. Ritual - "Walls of My Mind" (2:43)
6. Sherman Marshall - "Purple Haze" (2:37)
7. Smith Vinson - "Hallucinations" (2:21)
8. Rochelle Rosenthal and the Kickball Queen - "Lottery" (2:31)
9. Goodly Rubenson - "Inside Outside" (2:14)
10. Living End - "Sheep" (2:35)
11. Super Band - "Fast-Master" (2:40)
12. Peacepipe - "The Sun Won't Shine Forever" (2:49)
13. Dystraction - "Where Are We Now?" (3:42)
14. Fowl - "You Know" (2:42)
15. White Lightnin' - "Leaves" (3:07)
16. Twiggs - "Moon Maiden" (2:54)
17. Attack - "School Daze" (2:51)
18. Sounds Synonymous - "Babylon" (3:20)
19. Sub - "Ma-Mari-Huana" (4:50)
20. Outrage - "The Letter" (4:38)

Great twenty track garage/psych compilation from the US that follows on from A Fistfull of Fuzz. Featuring tracks by The Purple Sun, Goodly Rubenson, Peacepipe and The Outrage amongst others. Great fuzz-soaked 60s obscurities - check out the version of "Purple Haze" by future Doobie Brother Sherman Marshall. Cool Lee Van Cleef cover too!

Brandonio! said...

So where's the Link? Looks real good,or at least I hope so.

Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

Here you have B!
Passw: cazorla

Brandonio! said...

Thanks Pochola
I dig that fuzz sound,oh yeah I do.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the fuzz bb. luv ur buzz. betty

Anonymous said...

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ZigZag said...

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Anonymous said...

Great post. Love that fuzz. Anyone know how to get the first volume?
Thanks again

Coyote Will

Anonymous said...

Great blog !! thanks!!!!!

Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

Thnxyour comments...to all!
and special for the "Breakaway project" !

no te enojes tonta, sabes que vos sos mi preferida entre todos!

Anonymous said...

another great posting for this awesome site.
here's a request anyone know where to get pebbles vol 11 on cd. that would be a find thanks for your wonderful postings

Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

hi there...you want to buy that cd? or download it?
try amazon,or ebay
or check here

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply. vol 11 on faintly blowing is the lp version.
the cd version has different tracks. which is the one i'm looking for.
i heard it was pulled off the shelf
because of one of the bands on it.
but it's out there somewhere. i've seen it for sale at high prices that i can't afford. any help would be aprreciated.

Anonymous said...

Whats the link?

Anonymous said...

garagepunk66 heard my pleas for pebbles vol 11 cd. it's up check it out.and thanks for listening as well

mad4music said...

This collection is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

GaragePunk66 said...

I posted the first one not too long ago. Thanks for this second volume, I had no idea it even existed.

Steven K said...

Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU! I've looked everywhere for this album, and finally I've found it! Great, great stuff! Thanks so much!


Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

thanks all for your comments !

hotrodmike said...

Can't wait to hear this one.Thanks for sharing!

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

you ll love ittttt

Glenn said...

Velvet Haze - "Last Day on Earth" burns.....

† Electric Sabbath † said...

Thanks a lot i love the stoner fuzz of 70's it's a great one compilation CHEERS!

† Electric Sabbath † said...

Somebody got the pass ? please give me the pass

The Bomber said...

passw: cazorla


charlespoet said...

Looking for The Dystraction - Wonder What Ya Feel. Can anyone please help? charles@cicirella.com Thank you