V.A. - Baltimore´s Teen Beat A Go Go

16 of the best '60's groovers from the Baltimore region. A compilation of garage beat and R 'n' B stompers that was first issued on vinyl back in 1966. Original copies now change hands for over $200. If it's collectables you're after, this includes cuts by Night Walkers, Del Prixs, Amoebas, Rysing Suns, Vendors, Beggars, Joey Charles and more.


The Bomber said...

Passw: bomber
1. THE 24 KARAT FIVE: Get You 2:24
2. THE NIGHT WALKERS: The Night Walker 3:01
3. THE BEGGARS: Night of Pleasure 2:34
4. THE FABULOUS MONARCHS: Memories (of the Past) 2:39
5. THE IMPACTS LTD: This Love So Real 2:28
6. THE DEL PRIXS: She'll Be Mine 2:19
7. THE ROAD RUNNERS: She's Gone 2:25
8. THE EXECUTIONERS: My Diana 2:19
9. THE AMOEBAS: Look At The Moon 2:43
10. BOBBY J. & THE GENERATIONS: Lost In Time 2:16
11. THE WEEK-ENDERS: Rampage 2:12
12. THE VENDORS: My Rose-Ann 1:51
13. THE RYSING SUNS: A Third Hour on Forty Eleventh St. 2:22
14. THE CHADWICKS: The Only Way To Do It 2:45
15. THE DESTINATIONS: Shame - Shame 2:30
16. JOEY CHARLES: The Rub 2:10

vincent the soul chef said...

I am a lifelong resident of Baltimore, although just a little too young to remember these groups when they were fresh. It will be cool to hear what Baltimore had to offer. Thanks a lot for posting :)

Peace and blessings.

DefChef said...

Baltimore has given us so much! Brooks Robinson, The Wire, Divine....and now this! Thanks for puttin' it up there...

The Bomber said...

Baltimorian dudes left us souuu many goodies...well...here we have some!

sfdoomed said...

I came across this album not too long ago in a record store and it was selling for about $45. It may have been a reissue? Either way, I thought it was still way too much for a compilation. Thanks so much for posting this so I can check it out.

hotrodmike said...

I was from northern Virginia and only heard of a couple of these bands so this should be fun to hear. Thanks!

The Bomber said...

Yes...i think almost 50$ for a new comp is too much, shure a re issue indeed...hard to find an original.
Thanks sfdoomed for visiting.
And Hotrod, like most of the bands of Norhtern and west (everywhere!) from Virginia,worth listen!

Ryan Shepard said...

Worth picking up for the killer "Lost in Time" alone! Thanks for this one -

The Bomber said...

Totally agree !

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

I have this record. However I only paid about 17 bucks for mine which is a reissue. If you want, later on I can upload a lossless quality rip.

The Bomber said...

yeap...it would be nice dear Jamie!

lemonyellow7 said...

lemonyellow7 said The Boeggars Night of Pleasure rocked this little girl.....hard.

The Bomber said...

yeah,...indeed the guys used to rock with the c**** out ! hahaha

Zeno said...

Thank You Bomber:]

The Bomber said...


mrnumi said...

I can't begin to thank you enough for this. My wife went to karaoke here in the Baltimore area (Pasadena, actually) tonight and, it turns out, ran into some of the members of The Amoebas! I have the original (well, reissue) vinyl version and they wanted me to make a cd for them. I was poking around on the internet before trying to figure out how to hook up my turntable to my pc and came across this post. You've made a bunch of people very, very happy. Thanks again!

The Bomber said...

Ouh thank you for sharing the news!
Any pic of the Amoebas you have???

Thats why im here...to share.



mrnumi said...

I'll take some pictures when I give them the cds (trying to make nice inserts and such for them) and send them your way. Thanks again!

Beckles said...

My dad and his band are on this! I'm so proud!