Q65 (1966)

Some nice nederbeat
"The Life I Live" / "Cry In The Night" (AT 10 210)
First I got the first two singles by Q65, which are my very favourite group from Holland, next to Golden Earring maybe. These are: "You're The Victor" / "And Your Kind" (AT 10 189) and "The Life I Live" / "Cry In The Night" (AT 10 210) (both from '66; the B-side of the latter is the best!) -anyonesdaughter-
You're The Victor" / "And Your Kind" (AT 10 189)
wanna big freeze vol1? comments on this one porfavor,gracias


The Bomber said...

...dropped by anyonesdaughter...
Comments pliz...and expect vol1 from the belgican freakbeat-garagey comp! =)

Gie said...

Can't seem to get the PW to work on these.

Great up nevertheless! Thanks!

anyonesdaughter said...

pw works for me though... if you get a CRC error, that means the file is incomplete and youll have to download it again, maybe try that...

great posts pablo ;)

Johnny Lebrel said...

great strong songs!!! but I always love "from above"

The Bomber said...

@Gie: the passw work just fine...just checked and no probs.

@J Lebrel: indeed good songs from a greater band...always liked their bluesy-heavy-feeling-garagey vein..

well...shure its a damn good post cause its your stuff hahahahaha,,,thanks dear. ;)

Javier said...

Hola Pablo, cuando tenga un rato seguro bajo el disco, tan solo me asomo para decirte que siento que Del Potro perdiera yo iba con él al fallar los españoles y supongo que te habrá jodido, encima con el ruso "desavorío" ese. En fin otra vez será. Chao


yeah! gosto muito! pra mim quanto mais seco for o som e a guitarra, sem enfeites, teclados ou psicodelia, melhor é o som.

The Bomber said...

@Javier: aggg si una verdadera lastima..aunque el ruso venia haciendo merito no lo veo como claro merecedor de la copa masters...en fin otro torneo sera!

@Ze: contento de que estas disfrutando con estas bandas viejo..una buena dosis holandesa ah?

Anonymous said...

I like Q65. They are wild enough even lead singer's "strange" voice.

Many thanks.


Chamo said...

VIVA BOMBER !!!!!!!!

Gie said...

Sweet, downloaded again and PW worked perfectly. Thanks!

The Bomber said...

@Lani: agree with you!

@Chamo: =)

@Gie: If happens again, just download again the file. Cheers my friend.

Anonymous said...

hey bomber and anyonesdaughter
thanks for another classic. never heard of these guys yesterday, however been listening to them all morning and they are my new favorite band from holland as well. amazing that so much good music (practically world wide) was packed into such a short time. Please, keep the obscurities coming! thanks for the mind expansion!
el stevo
ps big freeze v1 would be great however Q65 is a tough act to follow.

anyonesdaughter said...

@ anonymous: good for you to get "infected" with this band ;-)
i got a singles anthology by Q65 and their first three albums, and i must say afghanistan is the best one, and crumblin is probably the best track on it.

if you liked it so much and want more like this from holland, try out the bintangs next if you want something like the garage-side of Q65, or try brainbox if you like the psychedelic side more. if youre a blues(rock) man, my best suggestion is cuby & the blizzards.
so these were all of my favourite dutch 60s bands and i am glad you like them aswell.

keep rockin', more great stuff to come!

The Bomber said...

cubby & the blizzards s a great band!

well all will wait for more of that to come!


hey pablo, just take a look in these girls.




i downloaded blues on the ceiling of the bintangs, 69. sound good blues rock, seems to be a good band.
downloading now the collection of they early years.
downloading cuby e the blizzards too.

if anybody wants the links.



Jeff said...

This American still says the best band from Holland is Shocking Blue. Hands down!

Mariska Veras had a timeless voice that (in spite of her Dutch accent) made her a better singer than someone she is often wrongly compared to: Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane / Starship.

Both ladies could rock the house down, but Mariska could also be mellow and sexy when she wanted to!

Even if you prefer Grace, you have to admit that Shocking Blue had a far superior calibre of original music than the Airplane did. Also SB's songs better adapted to the 1970s as well.

Anonymous said...

grandes bandas. shoking blues é demais também. muitas músicas boas.
baixei uma super coletânea de A´s e B´s. os B´s são os melhores.


The Bomber said...

thanks for sharing Ze!

@Jeff: good point, not a huge fan of the Airplane of S Blue, so cant talk about em too much! thanks for writing! ;)