Nothing but trouble, the best of Q65

More here
Familiar with some of the songs here, but others are finely new.
Do feel good with more just before 2010. Previous post of the q65 got more than 20 comments, I would love more and more here. Said I wasnt gonna tell nobody...but I.. so highhh so highhh...ahhhh listening The Rat´s at the moment! (enjoy Sarah) :-)


The Bomber said...

Passw: mza-garage.blogspot.com

Javier said...

Hola Pablo, nada como ser el primero en comentar. Ya sabes, no te voy a contar la vida de Q65, sólo te agradezco el aporte una vez más. Sos tremendo!

Alicia said...

Love it. Spent all night looking through your blog and can't get enough.

JeanBernardFrance said...

Great tracks on this cd.
Pablo I wish you a Happy New Year.
Hope year 2010 brings you all what you love and hope.
Here in France download is now under control with the new law against downloading.
So only one thing to do make comments without downloading....

The Bomber said...

Gracias Javi! Feliz año nuevo viejo!

@feel welcome and leave comments dear Alicia ;)

wish the best for you too mate, hope to see you again on 2010 :-)

Tulloch said...

Happy New Year, Pablo, and many thanks for sharing all your great music!
Love and peace, Tulloch (UK)


feliz ano novo brother!

parece que mais um blog foi tirado do ar.

até mais.

anyonesdaughter said...

muchas gracias pablo! this is a very nie xmas present ;)
i already bought some new 45s by q65 which ill post after my exams in january (im quite busy learning and studying right now...) - dont need to mention how i love this group!

lets stay in touch for the new year...
cheers and many greetings,

Hank said...

Hola Pablo: Thanks for another tasty serving. Feliz ano nuevo.

Hank in Denver

Anonymous said...

I was lucky to see these guys play in the 60's and 80's.
If they've had been english they've been bigger then a lot of the bands from the UK or the USA.
Great music ans those guys were...just crazy but great!!!!
Piet van Rosmalen

The Bomber said...

@thanks guys for your comments, hope you all spent a very good change of year hahaha, greetings and enjoy.

Roadrunner said...

Excelente como Siempre!!Feliz año Pablo.
PD:Sera lo que sera pero fue uno de los que tiro la semilla del rock aqui...Que en paz descanse Sandro

Pep Sonic said...

Una especie de Pretty Things en versión holandesa. Bestiales. Junto con The Outsiders, uno de mis grupos favoritos del país de los tulipanes. Un saludo Pablo,

The Bomber said...

Y ciertamente es una lastima la ida del Presley argento...che y fue aca no muy lejos de mi casa donde estaba internado...agh (R.I.P.)

@Pep: si aires prettys del pais bajo, los outsiders tambien, pedazotes. Saludos viejo.


WHO is undercontrol in France ???
A lot of french blogs are working ... a lot of people are downloading music !!!
and it's not tomorrow that we will be "undercontol" coz we're uncontrollable !!!

freakbeatfuzz said...

Nederbeat gods!!! so many great songs. it's hard to pick a fave but maybe "from above" is tops.

Gerard said...

Thanks from Holland.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks so much.

robokok said...

thanks from Holland


dk23dk said...

Super collection! Thanks