V.A. - Soundtrack For The Blueband Generation

01 jimmy mccracklin - savoy's jumpre
02 moose john - talkin' 'bout mere
03 etta james - tough loverre
04 big t tyler - king kongre
05 long tall marvin - have mercy miss percyre
06 kid thomas - rockin' this joint tonitere
07 cochran brothers - tired and sleepyre
08 glenn glenn - one cup of coffeere
09 kenny smith - i'm lonesome babyre
10 bobby milano - life begins at 4 o'clock re
11 glenn garrison - lovin' lorene
12 joel hill - i thought it over
13 dick bush - hollywood party
14 johnny amelio - jugue
15 eddie quinteros - slow down sandy
16 eddie ringo - full racin' cam
17 jet powers - go, girl, go
18 jim mccrory - parkin' lot
19 marauders - slippin' and slidin'
20 thee midniters - never knew i had it so bad
21 epics - give me a chance
22 grim reepers - two souls
23 carpetbaggers - let yourself go
24 five of us - need me like i need you
25 aldermen - house of wax
26 lords - on the road again
27 ambertones - if i do
28 new arrivals - just outside my window
29 dirty shames - makin' love
30 thee midniters - everybody needs somebody 
Choco said once...: "So Thee Midnighters were not only the Land of the 1000 Dances band..."
(photos served by the hangover / 60s g bands, thanks...)


The Bomber (aka Pablo) said...

passw: bomber

anyonesdaughter said...

thanks a lot for this one too - back to the roooooots :D

The Bomber (aka Pablo) said...

Yes good one, not a violent-tt comp, but a bluesy old one, yes.

Thee Midn were sou cooul.

Anonymous said...

Gracias dude!

Anonymous said...

lovin' this playlist. rock solid, thanks

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

wuhhh..this loooooks gooood:>}
I was just looking to scrap together some Mick Jagger and the Red Devils - blues covers mainly. Got 'em off the old grokster. You've inspired...thanks bbbbbbbb

Anonymous said...

That is one great compilation, those tunes all rock so nicely huh ? lol
Many Thanks !!!
jimmy crack corn

Guy (East LA Guy) said...

Pablo, None of the links work. Any chance you could re-upload this bad boy. Thanks

The Bomber said...

hi there homey. sorry to say that at the moment its impossible to rip new things or vynils.

i promise you some great things ahead.

stay in tune(AH)