V.A. - This side up

1. BOJAX: Don't look back (Panther)
2. DANNY BURK & THE INVADERS: Ain't going nowhere (Ara)
3. CHASERS: I'm sure (CLW)
4. CHECKMATES: Hey Girl (Ruff)
5. CORDIALS: Tell me please (Bundy)
6. ESQUIRES: Settle down (Scratch)
7. HUMAN BEINZ: My Generation (Gateway)
8. J.G. GIANTS: Caught you red handed (Result)
9. JAGGED EDGE: You can't keep a good man down (Gallant)
10. JAGGED EDGE: How she's hurtin' me (Gallant)
11. JOHN & PAUL: I'm walkin' (Tip)
12. RONNIE KING & THE PASSIONS: Girl break away (Gateway)
13. LAST KNIGHTS: Twenty-four hours a day (Paris Tower)
14. MODS: Ritual (Mod)
15. BOB MORRISON: I looked in the mirror (Columbia)
16. NERVOUS SYSTEM: Bones (Jambee)
17. PRISNERS DREAM: Autumn Days (Rene)
18. RUN-A-ROUNDS: I can't take you back (Manel)
19. RUN-A-ROUNDS: I couldn't care less (Manel)
20. SPECTRES: No good, no where world (N-Joy)
21. SUNSHINE REIGNS: Acelia Dulfin (MBM)
22. THIS SIDE UP: Why can't I dream (Prestige Productions)
23. ULTIMATES: Little Girl (Lavender)
24. "YOU KNOW WHO" GROUP: Hey you and the wind and the rain (International)


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