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Thanks Mary


The Bomber said...

click on the pictures to get a bigger size with great quality. Thanks Mary.
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mar-abunta said...

¿Estos Squires son los mismos que tocaban con Neil Young en sus inicios?

The Bomber said...

Los que tocaban con Neil eran los Squires de Winnipeg, CAN.
Un artículo MUY interesante para leer:


Estos "Squires" son de Sudáfrica.
Un estilo no tan diferente de los chicos canadienses.
R&b, casi garage, rock crudo...

En resumen, estos son del continente africano, lejos de la casa de Neil.

Saludos Mara, un gusto haberte leido.

Roadrunner said...


Esmenard Victor said...

Great these documents. If you want, I have some tunes (downloaded from where I don't remember) from this group. Let me know :)

Esmenard Victor said...

Great these documents. If you want, I have some tunes (downloaded from where I don't remember) from this group. Let me know :)

The Bomber said...

Hi there Esme! welly, thanks for the offert, if you can & want share those tunes here, check if you have this set
perhaps you have those tunes!


Mel said...

What's the password to unzip the files? Thanks - Mel

Esmenard Victor said...

Well, at least I should have checked if those didn't come from your blog ;)

This gives me an opportunity to thank you once again for all the wonderful tunes you provide us regularly.

iban said...

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iban said...

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Astrozombie said...

hi bomber, excellent blog, cool tunes, I love it, thanx a lot for all your great work and musique, a real pleasure, a pitty you are tired of posting, I hope your downloaded tunes will spread over the planet and help to ensure that this music will always be available, bye bye

The Bomber said...

Hi there Astrozombie (cool nickname!) ... welly, not tired but with no time for-ipping the rarities...(ohh and there are lotta more obscure bands to posts, and lost gems) but...I ll figure out what to do...thanks for your happy kind words man.

I appreciate´em-


Astrozombie said...

hui pablo aka bomber, yeah man, it's really unbelievable what tons of 6ties has been made and with people like you one day this treasure will be lifted, I will keep an eye on your blog, you're cool man, good luck and the best for you

Anonymous said...

Why is 'iban' claiming that Garage Hangover is his blog?!

I can assure you it is not.

bean@mailbox.co.za said...

Hi, is there any possibility of providing a new link to the John E Sharpe & The Squires album "Maybelline". It would really be appreciated