13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation in the round (1966/67)

More...get´em !
So...till now, which one is the best ?
Did you know this one ?


Roadrunner said...

Joder! hasta cuando más gemas de estos chicos?, luego te voy a pasar algunos como para seguir engordando la lista. jajaa...abrazo

The Bomber said...

Bienvenido ! Para cuando el box de los Yard ?

Roadrunner said...

Este J. Page tiene más vueltas..se tardó 5 años en armarlo y todavia no lo pueden poner a la venta por problemas con el mencionado, el precio 34.99 libras esto es un comentario sobre el box

(One more request: PLEASE, PLEASE produce and send out promotional discs to reviewers VERY soon, to ensure, that if legal problems(also known as Jimmy Page) stops the release of the box set, that the music is
"liberated" and ultimately WILL be heard by the fans, even if Easy Action Records are not able to release it.)

I'll be interested in buying the set, when and if released. Yardbirds fans will recall that I myself was the compiler of two Yardbirds box sets, "Train Kept A-Rollin':The Complete Giorgio Gomelsky Productions" & the more recent re-issue,"The Yardbirds Story by Giorgio Gomelsky". Fortunately, it appears that your forthcoming set will have little or no overlap with earlier Yardbirds box sets.
Sorry this isn't available to order yet!
Catalogue Number: EARS035

• Five years in compiling this amazing set of recordings of the Yardbirds live in concert or taken from broadcasts of various sources around the globe.
• Some tracks never previously heard, most are unreleased
• Licensed from the Yardbirds, EMI, BBC
• In depth notes by original compiler and author of Yardbirds book: Greg Russo
• Unseen and rare photos included in the booklet

The Bomber said...

uyuyuy...lo que va a ser ese box...una aplanadora!

Roadrunner said...

Si sale, cuando estaba todo apalabrado para el de The Animals no se que quilombo se armo y termino saliendo la de The Zombies, que igualmente es excelente, pero nos quedamos con las ganas de la otra. Bueno de echo ya con el que postee el de la BBC puse un adelanto...Jimmy vos si que la tenes adentro...jajaja

earl said...

I would love to hear this...Thanks for everything else 'Bull of the Woods'/ 8-track sounds amazing..cheers man!

The Bomber said...

@earl: thanks for your support.

@gallinita: ajajaj...un capo Jimmi, realmente. Si recuerdo la del cielo zombie...increible. Ojala tengamos disponibilidad por estos pagos de ese BOX.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I will add you to my blog roll, would you link my blog to your too?

Only Good Song said...

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concrete_jungle said...

if you dig the 'New Orleans Club, Austin TX 1966-03-16' concert get the
'Austin Reunion (1966-84)' containing all the show broadcasted by KAZZ-FM

Anonymous said...

Is there a link for this?

The Bomber said...

Damn! you re right ! I forgot to post this link...I ll do that laters...

The Bomber said...




Roadrunner said...

jajaja estuve a punto de subirlo yo, porque pense despues del partido de hoy que no estabas ni para subir un disco de Palito Ortega jajaaaa

Anonymous said...

hey bomber
waiting for the link with patience,
but not forgotten to say thank you
you blog is great
chris le français

MJ said...

Your blog is awesome! I do a no bull shit rock 'n' roll show at my college radio station and I have gotten a bunch of great stuff from you. Particularly, the mp3s of The Fabulous Wailers at the Castle. I couldn't find that anywhere! (I do have it on vinyl, but no converter) Anyways thanks for all the great exposure! I am interested in snagging the victors "victorious" album, but it keeps asking me for a password to unarchive. Can you help me out?

-Mallory Jane

Roadrunner said...

Hi Mallory...Passw: mza-garage.blogspot.com

Raptor Strap said...

I didn't know this one, but I would love to hear this.. :) Thanks for shring..