MC5 - Greatest Hits Live

Ok so, here we have one of the rawest live bootlegs. Soft ears, keep away.

Now, a few words from the mighty web:
The MC 5 is worth hearing under just about any circumstances, and this set--given the song list, probably recorded sometime in 1969--is no exception. A motley collection of sound-board tapes (with lead singer Rob Tyner way down in the mix) and stuff that sounds like second-generation dupes from cassette decks in the audience, the music is nonetheless vintage Detroit madness, with the band's thrilling oleo of heavy metal out of the Who and the Yardbirds and '60s free-jazz heard to particularly good advantage on "Rocket Reducer No. 62" and the never-recorded-in-the-studio epic "Black to Comm." This is, of course, quintessentially low-fi stuff, although hardcore fans will want it if only to hear the 5 bulldoze their way through James Brown's "It's a Man's World." If you're new to the band, however, you should probably invest in the group's three "official" albums, including the live--and obviously much better engineered--KICK OUT THE JAMS.


The Bomber said...


1 Ramblin Rose
Written By – Borch, Wilkin
2 Kick Out The Jams
Written-By – MC5
3 Come Together
Written-By – MC5
4 Revolutionary Blues
Written-By – MC5
5 Rocket Reducer No. 62
Written-By – MC5
6 Looking At You
Written-By – MC5
7 (i)Cold Sweat / (ii) I Can't Stand Myself / (iii) There Was A Time
Written-by [I] – Ellis*
Written-by [Iii] – Hopgood*
Written-by [I.ii, Iii] – Brown*
8 Human Being Lawnmower
Written-By – MC5
9 Tutti Frutti
Written-By – Bostrue*, Lubin*, Penniman*
10 Borderline
Written-By – MC5
11 Born Under A Bad Sign
Written-By – Jones*, Bell*
12 I Want You
Written-By – Frechter*, Page*
13 Tonight
Written-By – MC5
14 I Believe To My Soul
Written-By – Charles
15 Black To Comm
Written-By – MC5
16 It's A Man World
Written-By – Newcombe*, Brown*

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Dr. Funkenstein said...

Muchas gracias, Bomber, como siempre un placer.

A ver estas grabaciones, no las tengo oidas. Seguro que, como todo lo de los MC5, geniales xD

Saludos y gracias!

Anonymous said...

Hi Great Post but, the link in comments takes you nowhere...
is there a regular link?

The Bomber said...

@ doc: gracias, sabía que este te iba a gustar...tiene temas que realmente son una joyita y se ven muy poco.

@mr ?: the link s working just fine, just copy n paste without spaces or something like that and its just OK.

Roadrunner said...

Haaa...! por fin viejo volves al ruedo, se extraña cuando estas quieto y como sabes no hablo mucho con los demás culeados, gran post de estos muchachos siempre me gustaron, eran realmente gigantes. Un abrazote..see you

Zeno said...

Muchas gracias for MC5 Bomber! This band had best performances playing live, awesome compilation :]

DonHo57 said...

This is not a quiet Sunday morning any longer. Thanks!

Nauj Odracir said...

Hey mi comentario no tiene nada qué ver con este post pero, ¿me podrías dar la contraseña del archivo que subiste de Los Saicos?

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