V.A. - Neurotic Reactions

Readers-friends & the rest.
Sorry for the-no-upload-job of (again) deleted links, impossible for me to rip (again) all the things. (vinyl-cd-etc)
Just time for some new ol guddiz.


The Bomber said...


Valstar Superstar said...

Hi Bomber :). I have a (stupid ?) question. The titles ar numbered to 20, but there's only 17 songs in the archive. Is that normal and I'm just dumb or is there a problem ? :) thanks for the latest uploading, I thought you'd forgot about this blog ;)

The Bomber said...

Hi hi hi there. That´s rare, I ll check, but I think that there are 17 in here.

Thanks for your comments !

And....NO! I wont leave my sugar (this blog)
for some time at least !

Right on

Dr. Funkenstein said...

Jefe, te mandé un email con un regalillo. Cuando puedas échale un ojo, puede que te lo haya metido en spam.
Un abrazo

asomedayfool said...

Hey, what's going on? No posts recently, love what you're doing with this blog.

Cassy said...

Looking forward to read more of your post!

Cassy from Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

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