V.A. - Pebbles Surf n tunes

Back with chill tunes..


The Bomber said...


Dr. Funkenstein said...

thanks bomber for this one, I think I don't have it xD

I have volumes 7 and 8 of pebbles, if anyone is interested I can share it ASAP. I had it in my to-do list for this blog but I can give them some priority :)

PS: Bomber, tengo uno a punto de caramelo, te lo mandaré en breve. Algo de garage latino, que nunca está de más jeje

The Bomber said...

They say the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill, baby
Call me the big pill
Dr Funkenstein
The disco fiend with the monster sound
The cool ghoul with the bump transplant
- - -

Como va doc! Bueno, que bueno que no tenías este...realmente tiene cosillas bien raras y pasables.

Varios, aunque no comenten, estan al tanto de tus ripeadas ! Y si... a la espera de las mismas...yo te adelanto algo nomás...

Se viene un boot en vivo , garage 60so puro y duro.

Para seguir con tu senda latina.


"your funk is the best !"

hotrodmike said...

Never seen this one before so thanks for the chance to hear it.

Garage Equipment said...

Great pictures you have here. It would really bring back memories from the past.

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Televisores pantalla plana said...

Woou! que recuerdos aquellos, gracias por compartirlo. Un saludo.

plastikiniai langai said...

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

PROVE! TO! ME! this finite existence
is more XX-citing than eternally savvy,
sassy, kick-ass, extraordinary
Seventh-Heaven... and I'll gitcha
a pitcher-O-beer Upstairs, bro.
Im buds withe Owner.