Glimpses Box Set - The Yardbirds (1963/68)

I got love if you want it ?
Yijey ! ! ! 

Cd 1 1963/64 (now available) 
/some pictures later/

Well, i ll drop some words later (also)
Come on and giiitiiiittttt hereeee

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those rare things about the shitt* upload places...but well, at least you can give it a try.
FanStuff only (perhaps?!)

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The Bomber said...

Ja !

Coz, I dont know if any soul´s visiting the blog these days !

mad4music said...

Would love to hear this!

Jay Schiavone said...

We all have soul, Daddy.

JeanBernardFrance said...

a MUST for fans of this great group.
Like a lot of sixties groups studio recordings are better than live recordings.
Not sure I have listened to all the box but I remember the 2 first cds with various live quality recordings.
Yes Pablo if you post it will be occasion for me to listen to all cds(because I don't remember where I ranged this magnificient box).

BF Jeff said...

euxxxx this must be love

Anonymous said...

love and must have one

Anonymous said...

This looks tasty! Thanks for such a great blog.x

Anonymous said...

Yes please!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd take a glimpse.

Exeter said...

This does look great!
Thanks a lot!

Garage Equipment said...

Wow I will for it's release,I'm sure this new group will get the attention of the market because of their nice music.

Pierre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roadrunner said...

Y si la subo yo??

Алексей Росовецкий said...

Hi, guys!
This is is "The Story of Soviet Garage Rock 1970-1990" published by mine net-label - http://karliki-records.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

ok so when are you going to drop post the link? Its been what... 6 months? you play too hard to get....

Anonymous said...

perhaps Pablo only bought the box without the inside cds and...single ...?

Anonymous said...

Have some patience with the man...really nice sharing all the magnificent vinyls / cds.


Anonymous said...

chocoreve says

Disc One 1963-64
1. Honey In Your Hips (Alternate Studio Take)
2. Baby What’s Wrong
3. Eric Clapton
4. I Wish You Would
5. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover (Studio Demo)
6. Jim McCarty
7. Louise
8. Eric Clapton
9. Someone To Love Me
10. Too Much Monkey Business
11. I Got Love If You Want It
12. Smokestack Lightning
13. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
14. Respectable
15. The Sky Is Crying
16. Eric Clapton
17. I Wish You Would
18. Chris Dreja
19. I'm A Man
20. Someone To Love Me
21. Boom Boom
22. I’m A Man
23. Little Queenie
24. Too Much Monkey Business
25. Respectable
26. Carol
27. Here ‘Tis
28. Jim McCarty
Tracks 1,2,4,5. Recorded R.G. Jones Studios, Morden, Surrey England, December 1963 & January 1964. Tracks 9-15. Recorded 7th August 1964 at the Marquee London. Tracks 7 & 17.
Recorded 5Th April 1964 UK. Track 19. Recorded 26 July 1964, Live Crawdaddy, Richmond, Surrey. Tracks 21-27. Recorded 9th August 1964, Fourth National Jazz & Blues Festival, Richmond. Track 20. Re-Edit 7th August 1964, Marquee, London.

Exeter said...

Chocoreve is still around?!
The first music blog I ever ran across! It's still up, too, with current blogroll!

Roadrunner said...

Es verdad viejo la version de Glimpes es para escucharla bien fuerte, pero como te dije en el mail algunas cosas dejan que desear (podrian haber trabajado mejor en el sonido). Inclusive algunas canciones que yo publique en el blog esta con mejor sonido que en este box, pero no deja de ser interesante, hay algunas perlas realmente raras. Tengo una gran cantidad de canciones de (Little Games) no editadas aqui, una pena que los editores lo hayan dejado pasar por alto. Como estan los chimangos no? jajjajaja

Anonymous said...

Very nice I look forward to listening to it.

The Bomber said...

Sí es verdad, yo tengo también unas cuantas toneladas de los muchachos que tiene mejor sonido. Recuerdo tus posts.

Hay material realmente raro, en el booklet que ya te voy a pasar explican detalles de porque se complico "limpiar" o mejorar algunas grabaciones y demás.

Realmente este box es solo para fanas cabezas de la banda, lo que pasa que estos tipos me vuelan la peluca mal. Y si algo mejora la situación de comentarios, sigo subiendo los otros...

Roadrunner said...

Si hubieran pasado por el blog les ahorraba el laburo jajaja, seguramente tiene su trabajo, pero si estuvieramos nosotros manejando la situación seguro que el resultado seria otro, o no?, seguramente voy a subir todo lo que hay de little games, que son como 4 discos si mal no recuerdo (solo para reforzar tu laburo)xq yo aunque les ponga los ultra rare tracks de Johnny thunder no pasaria ni pio. En fin... usa pies de plomo para los demas vol.

Roadrunner said...

te va el ep de The Knaves?

The Bomber said...

@ Exeter

Mr chocoreve´s a ole good friend.
We used to post lots of garage comps back in the days in his site or mine (now long dead gone! mza-acid)

chocoreve its still open, but no more posts. He is retired. (right mate?)

Well, he is with us here often so... =)


Anonymous said...


Man...you dont drop things very often, but you sure do know how to select good things to blow us apart ! ! !

Congratulations man, keep it up like this, you make us very happy old men ! ! ! ! !

You do ! you do ! you do ! you do ! ! !


mad4music said...

This Yardbirds set is excellent! Looking forward to hearing the remaining discs. Thanks!

Roger said...

we wait long for the other volumes?

The Bomber said...

Dear Roger, takes less to leave a comment about the ones that you already have !

Take care homey.

Exeter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roger said...

Hi, do not leave a comment because they are not yet in my possession (sorry)

Anonymous said...

Roger...so why on earth do you want the next volumes if you dont have the 1 and 2 yet ?

Oh gizz !

Roger said...

Is an obligation download the other two volumes? or I can download it when I choose.

Roger said...

if my question is misunderstood sorry

Roadrunner said...

Hi Roger, you can not just talk about this post, you can talk about the work of the band. A tip: listen to this before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

killer stuffs !!

big thanks ! !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Yardbirds!--Very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Gracias por esta maravilla, la cual es muy dificil de encontrar. Gracias nuevamente Bomber, espero que esos comentarios no tiren abajo lo que se viene !

Esperando con ansias.

PD: saludos a Roadrunnerbeatbeat, su blog esta de pelos también !
Estos 2 son de lo mejor que se ve por estos días.

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Jim Petulla said...

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Anonymous said...

good music but no links = bullshit!

Roadrunner said...

Uff! eso, que te coja el toro por donde te sale la mierda

Anonymous said...

i picked up the yardbirds glimpses somewhere in four .rar files. the files are: ybgcd1.rar etc. does anyone know the passwords? thank you

Exeter said...

Any hope of CD3 or more ever showing up?
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

thanks fo these been tying to find them eveywhere, great band got the chance to see them last july in barcelona, still a great band and a good night out if you get chance to see them, when are the next cs coming up i cant waiy to hear the unreleased tacks and interviews on them
keep up the good work on the blog

Exeter said...

Thanks for alerting me to this set.....
I went ahead and just bought one.

Anonymous said...

Thats the spirit Exeter. Well done-


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