Hey hey hey hey hey

Hi ya.

Wanna know if living things are visiting this place.

Well...coming soon...

your bomber (:


Leif said...

Brave souls still navigate the barren musical blog tundra. If you post it, they will come.

Esmenard Victor said...

Of course we are here. It's only two years and a half since the last post.

jose kortozirkuito said...

Hello friend:
I always expected the return of this blog.
One of the "Classics Blogs".
Greetings from Spain
Jose Kortozirkuito

Doctor Gaz said...

I knew there was a Santa Claus all along......yay!

The Bomber said...

Ohhhhh, dear Esmenard, hows it hanging?! algo greetings Leif and Jose short-circuit !!

Its a good thing to say, only a couple of years of the last post,,,im glad i still recall my mail address ! ! !

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward for your re-start this superb blog

Greetings Albert

Gummo said...

Loved your blog "back in the day."

Unfortunately, so many of your links were megaupload and well, we know what happened to them.

If you decide to start doing it again, rest assured you'll have an appreciative audience!

Happy holidays!

katetoscopio said...

More greetings for Spain. We will wait you.

Happy holidays

Stephen said...

Hey guys! Check out this awesome Psychedelic Garage Rock band. http://www.ohmycreativesoul.com/10-questions-psychedelic-garage-rockers-dirty-feathers/

Anonymous said...

You are back! Great news.
Please start posting again! Now we need you more than ever.

Mateus Paul said...

Hey Bomber!

I used to visit your blog some years ago. Probably, you remember that.
I'm really back into 60s sounds again on the last months, so I passed here to see how the things are going.
I knew a lot of things from your posts! Thanks for everything.

Cheers from Brasil,


Anonymous said...


NO WONDER YOU COULDN"T BE FOUND!! Had to "re-find" all "favourites" on a new computer & NOW see what fav. Blog was missing. Will keep checkin' in!


Ciao! For now.

jdogg said...

Re-ups of dead links would be greatly appreciated. Particularly as Zshare and Badongo have given up the ghost entirely. Thanks.

Pete Cost said...

Please do come back!

Dmitry said...

Are you maybe give download CD The Foul Dogs?
I'll be grateful!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see you back, but its been months and still no BANG!

Anonymous said...

Still hoping you......

Anonymous said...

Many living souls returning, and yet it remains a ghost town... with the Rapidshare, Share On and Megaupload cemeteries taking centre stage over premium 60's sounds....

(with Masters Apprentices and the Misunderstood, for starters!)

lcdr said...

I am still checking up if you're posting something... come back!

Steve Stevens said...

hey bomber u will b missed. if at all possible please come back. u did great work here. u turned me and my friends on to so much cool music. now im relay sorry i didn't leave more comments.

Roadrunner said...

someday will return

Alex Hales said...

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Peter said...

Thank you for all that this blog was.

E Craig said...

I still check back to see if there is anything new.

David Kalvan said...

I used to look at your site back in 2009...lost the website link...and now 8 years later, i stumbled upon it again...wish you would continue

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George Simmonds said...

Hi, I just found your site today and found some good stuff on it, but the problem is that when I tried to download anything I found was directed to Mega Upload site and none of the links was available, so my question is, is this site still active, will you re-up anything if I give you some titles? Please let me know, thanks.

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