The Standells: Dirty Water (1966)

Along with Why Pick on Me, this was the group's strongest album, although you're always better off with a greatest hits collection. "There Is a Storm Comin'" and "Pride and Devotion" are a couple of strong numbers that don't make it onto compilations, and "Rari, " the moody B-side of "Dirty Water, " tis one of their best little-known tracks. The CD reissue takes off one cut (the easily found "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White") and adds six bonus tracks of only mild interest, including a version of "Batman." Add points for finding a longer version of "Rari, " though.

Ok this is highly recommended... what is not of the Standells !?!? Really great album... this band is also on my top 10.


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Maximiliano said...

Este disco es una maravilla!
The Standells son la segunda banda, luego de The Seeds, que mas me gusta de este estilo.
Representan el clasico y verdader sonido de garage con mucha locura y agresividad.

Recomiendo a todos ustedes subir el volumen al maximo.

Hay algo que altera mi paciencia de estas nuevas ediciones, la eliminacion de temas.
Ningun productor vino a preguntarme si me parecia bien eliminar "Sometime good guys don`t wear white" no lo hubiera permitido.