The Yardbirds: Live Blueswailing 64 (early garage recordings)

Most of the Yardbirds' original LP's are hard to find and weren't so great anyway, and the market is flooded with deceptive, cheaply packaged compilations, all of which I strongly urge you avoid (even the Rhino Records greatest hits). Most of these discs have been thrown together from the band's brief early 1964 demo tape, their live recordings from December, 1963 (Crawdaddy Club) and March, 1964 (Marquee Club), and the 1964 - 1965 single and EP material that mostly ended up on their first two American LP's. Some of these discs also feature forgettable blues workouts by Clapton and Beck that date from their immediate post-Yardbirds periods (1965 - 1966); be very wary if you see two or more of the Holy Trinity prominently advertised on any particular compilation.(records reviews)



leno said...

great band - live and only complaint (if it's the same as i've heard) is this is pretty short. ah, the Yardbirds were soooo good.

ikarus said...


grande yardbirds

Anonymous said...

Gracias por esta joyita de uno de los grandes de los 60's UK. Maravillosa toma en directo.

zandi said...

hi, this link doesn´t work. Is it possible to repost it? Thx zandi from GER

Anonymous said...

has this link been reposted?

Anonymous said...

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Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

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franciscarlos ramalho said...

essas bandas de rock alternativo são as melhores que existem , nada melhor que o bom e velho rock , hehhehehee !!!!