August: August (1967, very rare Us garage rock)


A rare album that has shade of late '60s UK Pop Psych. Mainly original compositions, it also includes a cover version of "Eleanor Rigby". The general feel is up beat pop garage with a distinctly whimsical quality. Good harmonies, with keyboards guitar etc. Released on Shadoks on heavy vinyl and housed in a hard card sleeve.

Rare psych pop garage from Us. A raw cover of the Beatles`song "Eleanor Rigby". Highly Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post,but it seems lost some tracks,at least the superb track"Full Measure" is lost,could you post them?

Anonymous said...

Only seven cuts? ¿?¿?

Well, thankx.

zebulon said...

Let's try this one... never heard about it before

Thanks for sharing

lajso said...

Track 5 ("Full Measure") is missing.
Could you upload that track?

mar said...

Ese "very very rare" presente en tus entradas es intrigante, jejeje, caemos como moscas...por suerte nunca me siento decepcionada cuando los escucho, sino todo lo contrario; si señor, buen márketing para el buen producto.
Tengo que linkearte este blog, que tambien esta de puta madre, un abrazo perla ;)

Anonymous said...

When will there be the corrected link finally ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

hi, i can´t open the august file. wrong password? can you help me!? the passwork mza-garage don´t work. thank you, lg, michael

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


sory for the troubles

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for the password. Now it works and it´s a very good album. And thank you for your work and all the good music that i never would hear if you don´t post it. thank you, lg, michael

aldo said...

I listened to this a couple of times and it's GREAT!
For once it's not just hype...too many "lost masterpieces" around, but this is brilliant.
Yeah, English influenced but unmistakably American, I love their upbeat cover of "Eleanor Rigby"...very cool, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

thank you! been looking for this one.

pam172 said...

could you please update. Link does not work. Thanks!