The E-Types: Introducing ...The E-Types (1965-66)


Twenty-two tracks, including both sides of their four singles and previously unissued demos, outtakes, and live performances. The four singles are legimitately fine finds if you collect obscure '60s pop-garage. "Long Before," "I Can't Do It," and "Put the Clock Back on the Wall" are outstanding, and the cover of Lennon-McCartney's "Love of the Loved" (which the BeatlesBeatle covers of the '60s. Most of the rest of this archival compilation is padding, though, consisting largely of faithful British Invasion covers and some outtakes that are markedly inferior to their singles. It's an enjoyable listen for collectors of mid-'60s rock, boasting considerably more pop-oriented material and accomplished production than the garage norm. But it couldn't be considered in the top drawer of this sort of thing.

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This on is dedicated to Henry


henry said...

WOw ... these guys were from my hometown - Salinas, CA. My older sister dated the bass player for a while, and i sat in on a couple of their rehearsals. Mostly a covers band in their early form, when i "knew" them (E-Types stood for English Types) they melted a local surf sound with British Invasion pop. Pleasant enough, fond memories for me.

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

wuaw man !! thats amazing ! ! thats a great info! ! ! this band is great ! one of my favourites! im in shock of anyone who says that has been with the band! ! and during the rehearsals ! ! thats amazing! !
by any chance you dont have any photo of them ? or please tell me more about them or any different story that you have lived please ! !any recordings ? ?jajaja noah ??
great to see a comment like this
Thanks for sharing. Pablo

henry said...

sorry. no photos. no real stories. the band was always extremely professional in their rehearsals, allowing only families and friends (including girl friends, as my sister was for a short while). they were serious, didn't drink or goof off in the 2 rehearsal i saw. i really only remember them practicing Beatles' songs - mostly from the Rubber Soul and Revolver albums, and their single - She Moves Me, which was mostly just a west-coast (California) minor hit. i was at one of their local concerts and they played for about 45 minutes, as i recall. All very high quality covers, and a few originals. They were great in harmonies and very good musicians, but not too spectacular showmen, at least when i saw them. i searched for any of their recordings for years, (i had a couple of their 45's, but those were "lost" in a move.) when about 4 years ago, i found the CD you have on the blog. As i recalled, their music was pleasant and "Put The Clock Back On The Wall" remains their strongest song in my mind. The CD really is a very good slice of what American music sounded like in the mid-60's on the local level, by a band that had a lot of talent. i really don't know what happened to the band after that single - Put The Clock Back On The Wall. i know they had a couple appearances on Dick Clark's TV show "Where The Action Is", where they were mis-said to be from San Jose!

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

WHAT A great coincidence Henry... yes from San Jose ...its really great that a person who has been with the band can find those same persons here in the blog ... i mean ... someone who can really tell how those days were back in the 60s... great words and info ... at the begining when i started with the blog i do that with the intention/porpouse of exchanging opinions and info (from The Doors) but my roots where the garage bands from the late 50s and early 60s... so i create this one... hoping that one day a person like u could tell me about their personal experience.So ...heres one ... and really great for me! i imagine how strange could be seing the band that you meet once ... and 40 years later heard some of the stuff again... Well ... let me know if theres another band that you meet back in the 60s ! ! jajaj
thanks for your time man..

henry said...

never got to meet or see other bands from the area ... though the E-Types and the Tikis were friends i heard.(the Tikis were from Santa Cruz - they were another band that started off playing surf music, later became known as Harpers Bizarre and had some major success....) i don't know if they jammed together, or just played the same venues for a while. Unfortunately, more of that information would have been known my sister, who paased away a few years ago. hopefully some of your other readers will have had similar meetings or stories from other bands and will share. Oh, and thanks for this blog .... some great garage music i've discovered, or rediscovered. Take care.

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Sory to hear that about your sis henry ...Ok you drop the idea..perhaps i would buy and then post some stuff of the H Bizarre...great pop...in another gen i ll put that band... dont think that they sound like a garage one...but great albums they ve made. Thanks again for the info and the time. Hope to find more interesting people like you ! ! !
cheers henry

Maximiliano said...

Absolutely great comments on here, thank you very much for your support Henry!!!!

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Password: mzaetype

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Can't wait to heart this one ;)

blanco said...

Hey Guys!
I love the comments here and I've been searching for this record for years for my father. He grew up in Watsonville, CA and told me how awesome the live shows were of these guys. I was able to find on of his other fav bands Stained Glass recently and he was blown away. I found the RAR download and tried the pass on this thread but it didn't work. If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be forever grateful!!!

the bomber said...

Dear blanco, here you have the passw for the file in this blog


try it and let me know