The Five Emprees: Little Miss Sad (1965/68,Us,Compilation)


The Five Emprees' sole album was a typically thrown-together effort for a mid-'60s band that had some local success, surrounding the regional hit debut single title track with its B-side; both sides of their second 45; and a bunch of cover versions. Actually every song on the LP was a cover version, save for the B-side of that second single, "Why." "Little Miss Sad" itself, a cover of an obscure Addrisi Brothers single, is pretty good pop-oriented garage rock with a foot in early-'60s pre-Beatles sounds. Unfortunately the Five Emprees never did match it, and most of the rest of the album was filled with too-hastily recorded, thinly produced unimaginative covers of familiar songs by the likes of Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, and the Zombies. The greater effort they were able to invest in the production and performance of their singles is evident on not only "Little Miss Sad," but also the three other tracks from their initial pair of 45s, "Hey Lover," "Hey Baby," and "Why." There's a glimmer of promise in those sides, which are likable if modest poppy garage, but it's not enough to make the album too interesting overall.

Here...exclusive... Their complete studio recordings from 65 till 68.
Superb covers repertoire. Highly Recommended.
The Five Empressions would become better-known in history as the Five Emprees, who had a major hit in the Chicago area with their cover of the Addrisi Brothers' "Little Miss Sad," which rose to number 74 in the national charts.
You`ll find more info about the band here and here too.



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didn't listen to it all yet, but sampled a few tracks - pretty good. i wouldn't put them in the same class as Shadows of Knight, but i liked their sound and i'd never heard of them before, so i DO appreciate the chance to hear "new" (old) music again. Live well and enjoy life.

esmenard.victor said...

Good group, good little songs, who would ask for more ;)

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I remember buying the 45 of Little Miss Sad when they were still the Five Empressions when I was about 15 years old. Never expected to see this album!


Annie O.

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How can you even hear this when the download link is obscured by a bar.Same on the Paul Revere ones

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Just sorted it-the info should have been provided here as many will give up.
Right click>choose "SHOW FRAME ONLY" then it comes in properly.
As far as the 5 Emprees goes I can't see any resemblance to the Shadows Of Knight but I CAN hear pre British Invasion -a wonderful mix of doowop,high school and Beatles

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thanks for stopping by(e)!

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Thank you to everyone who posted such kind remarks. I am Ron Pelkey, founder of The Five Emprees. If you care to see what the group sounds like today I just posted 20 live videos on UTube. Only the drummer is not an original.
Ron Pelkey

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HI there Ron!!!
glad to have honored guests like youu!