The Music Machine: Beyond the Garage (Us, Great Compilation)

In 1998 Sean Bonniwell joined the Fuzztones on 45 for an updated rendition of The People In Me (Misty Lane 046). More recently he has published an autobiography called Beyond The Garage.

The original classic Music Machine line-up included Keith Olsen (bs), Mark Landon (gtr), Ron Edgar (drms), Doug Rhodes (organ) with Sean Bonniwell on vocals. All dyed black mop tops and black clothes - they were cool personified. They released one album in 1966 called 'Turn On'. By the time of the follow up Bonniwell Music Machine (1967), Bonniwell had sacked his original band.

To collect the complete history of the Music Machine you need to grab a hold of the following essential CDs. The debut album 'Turn On', was released as 'the very best of' on Collectables Records in 1999. 'Beyond the Garage' (Sundazed) includes the second album plus a stack of unreleased gems by both MM line ups and the recently released 'Ignition' raids the vaults for more high quality tracks.

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henry said...

ah, this is SOOOOO good. well, nearly everything the Music Machine did was good. but i really like this one, nearly as well as their first album. i know the links aren't up yet, but i have recently got this one - and can highly recommend it. Great pick, Pablo, and hope all is well with you and yours.

24HourDejaVu said...

a truly remarkable band. A unique style all their own. Their visual impression of all in black made the tune Talk Talk even more intriguing to me. Hate to say this but I actually remember seeing these guys on the old Dick Clark Action show
Gettin' Old but the music is just as good today as then Keep spreading the good stuff!



Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


@ Bill
trully remarkable yes
great compilation with demos and alternates.

@ Henry
yes everythings doing much better now... my grandpha is getting better after some blood desease.
glad to hear that you are buying this kind of stuff !

Mateus Paul said...

É Music Machine.
Não é preciso escrever nada além disto.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post.
Amazing stuff from an amazing group.
Your Blog is great too, I appreciate all the effort you put into it.

Leon Klimovsky said...

Thank you!! This collection i still had missing!

Daphne_Cat said...

you're a great, great man!! I was lookin' for this album for long time...thank you!!!!

The Bomber said...

enjoy guys...glad you like my pick-ups-musically speaking! ;)

Anonymous said...

great alnum thanx a lot !