MC5: Purity Accuracy Box (US, 1965/70 -2003-)

• Purity Accuracy is the first “Band Authorised” project since 1971
• Across the six discs the boxed set contains a wealth of previously unreleased material
• The booklet contains many previously unpublished photos supplied by the band
• Includes two replica archive MC5 Stickers
• The box includes band performing new live versions of classic songs with Lemmy from Motorhead, Nicke from the Hellacopters and Dave Vanian from the Damned on vocals

Rehearsals (74 mins)

1. Skunk
2. Poison
3. Gotta keep movin
4. Baby wont ya
(Fred Smith guide vocals), 1970, Unreleased version
5. Sister Ann
6. Future now
7. Over & over
( Fred Acoustic inst 1970)
8. Train Music
(summer 71, London, Unreleased track and special edit, Intended for use in the film 'Gold', Kramer bass+piano)
9. The Pledge song
(early version of Sister Anne no vox. Head Sounds Ypsilanti oct/nov 70- )
10. Power trip
(early version of Skunk no vox. Head Sounds Ypsilanti oct/nov 70)
11. Tutti-Frutti
12. Tonight
13. Teenage lust inst
14. Looking at you 2nd Version
15. High school inst
16. Call me animal inst
17. The American ruse
18. Shaking street
(Acoustic version summer ’69 with Fred on Vocals)
19. Human being lanwmower
20. Back in the usa
21. Looking at you inst
22. What is Zenta?
23. Kick out the jams

24. Looking at you (United Sound Studios January 1968)
25. Borderline (United Sound Studios January 1968)
26. Looking at you Instrumental (United Sound Studios January 1968)
27. I can only give you everything (United Sound Studios January 1966)
28. I just don’t know (United Sound Studios January 1966)
29. One of the guys (Terra Sherma Studios Detroit 1966)
30. Little red riding grmph ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
31. I don’t mind ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
32. Look what you’ve done done ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
33. Baby please don’t go ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
34. Break time (recorded at a polish wedding)
35. I’m a man (Artists workshop)
36. Looking at you ( Cody High School)
37. Black to Comm ( Cody High School)
38. I put a spell on you (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 7th 1968)
39. Born under a bad sign (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 7th 1968)
40. I want you right now (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 8th 1968)
41. I believe to my soul (Sunday sept 8th 1968 live First Unitarian Church Detroit )

Live at the Saginaw Civic Centre 1st jan 1970 (50 mins)

42. Intro Rambling Rose
43. Human being Lawnmower
44. Tonight
45. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama lama fa fa fa)
46. It’s a man’s world
47. Teenage lust
48. Looking at you
49. Fire of love
50. Shakin street
51. Starship/Kick out the jams/Black to comm /Teenage lust

52. Brother J.C intro (27th Oct 1968)
53. Motor city is burning (30/31Oct 1968)
54. I believe to my soul (30/31Oct 1968)
55. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama la fa fa fa) (31st Oct 1968)
56. I’m mad like Eldridge Cleaver (27th Oct 1968)
57. Ice pick Slim (26th May 1968)
58. Black to comm (unknown recording date)

Live in Michigan (27/05/1968) at the Sturgis Armory on a 7” tape direct from the soundboard (72 min)

59. Kick out the Jams
60. Come together
61. Revolutionary blues
62. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama lama fa fa fa)
63. James Brown Medley:- Cold Sweat, I can’t stand myself, There was a time
64. Upper Egypt
65. Tutti Frutti
66. Borderline
67. Born under a bad sign
68. I want you
69. Starship
70. Black to Comm

100 club Single (13th March 2003) London 100 club

71. Sister Anne (With Lemmy)
72. Gotta keep movin (with Nicke from the Hellacopters …)
73. Looking at you (with Dave Vanian )
74. Skunk (Sonically Speaking)


Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

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Hope to get comments on this one, very but very important.

musio*52 said...

Many many "thank you"s for this box set!! I have been hoping to find it somewhere ever since I read a review of the discs. You really did us MC5 fans a great service here, Pablo!

JeanBernardFrance said...

Great post Pablo.MC5 was a terrific psyche-garage-pop group,but they never had the great recording sound they needed.Please free Mr Phil Spector and in compensation of years of jail give him possibility to remix MC5 recordings.

Anonymous said...

KILLER share!!!
Thanks a MILLION!!!

Alan K said...

Hi Pablo,

Just want to say how much I appreciate you making rare stuff like this (& all the others) available for collectors.
Alan K

kyle king photography said...

this looks great!!! i'm downloading it right now. i can't wait to "kick out the jams!!!"

Roadrunner said...

Excelente recorrida por esta gran banda,muy buen trabajo te hiciste..Un abrazo

MK Ultra said...

Many thanks! Superb share. Fantastic.

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

kick out the jams motherf**** ! !

_ _ _

thanks all for your comments, I want more more more more more more.


(which one was your favourite disc of the box? and songs? )

chairboy said...

Great stuff, Thanks!

Ale said...

Muchas gracias pablo,excelente trabajo y con bastante info,te hago una pregunta como accedo nuevamente al blog de Roadrunner,yo era visitante y siempre deje comentarios,Muchas gracias .

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Very nice post, thanks a lot!

sincadenas said...

Un millón de gracias por cada canción

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A great WOW! on this one. Time to grease my engine... Thanks for your generosity!

Pep Sonic said...

Vaya post amigo. Menudo curro!!!! Grande, grande. Muchas gracias. Lo tomaremos con calma.

Anonymous said...

Terrific post!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow !!! I hope that this box is as great as the ROIR sessions, my favourite CD from the MC5.

Thank you ! For this and your entire blog, a very good one.


Jimbo said...

Fuckin' great post man, thanks a lot!
You got one of the coolest blogs out there, keep on rocking.

Zeno said...

Great post! Thanks Pablo :)

Anonymous said...

Genial!!. Es un regalo para los fans de Kramer, Smith y co. Kick out the jams....

Anonymous said...

thankk u!

lsitte said...

This is great stuff...I found it from the sir psych blog...but how do I download as it keeps asking for a password???

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this set.

I lived in Detroit up til the mid 70's, and I feel lucky to have experienced the whole late 60's Detroit Rock sound. Alot of great original bands came out of that time that never got the notoriety or success I believed they deserved.

In '68-69 I worked in a teen club where the Five played every other month. One of my jobs each night was to go to the bands dressing room to get them back to the stage to play their next set. With the MC-5 it was standard to find them burning J's, swilling Beer or whiskey, and getting H--D from the local groupies (in front of other band members). They were quite a decadent band with many groupies, and a great local following. I was a fan as well, and believe I lost hearing in my left ear from getting too close to their PA system far too many times.

I saw the Five numerous times in all sorts of venues. The Five most certainly became a political band in '67, and word spread to the local authorities. The most bizarre being the time at a club called Silverbell (one of the hideouts) where the Oakland County Sherif's Department were waiting around the base of the stage to arrest Rob Tyner. About the 3rd song into the set he uttered the words "Kick out the Jams M-F" and the police jumped on stage and led him off. JC Crawford got onstage and said "The Pigs got Rob and were not gonna stand for it". It seemed sureal, and I thought the whole place would riot. The band completed the set without Rob, and he was back for the second set to deafening cheers. It was as if we had won the battle!

About the bands "live" sound, the five were never known as Musician's Musician, but of course it was all about the raw energy. I first saw the Five back in early '67 and they were ... well ... often out of tune, and out of sync. They however honed their sets, added more originals, and by mid '68 became the most powerful band I have ever heard!!! This was the band at their peak, and before they actually recorded their 1st Electra LP. When the 1st LP was released in Detroit the copies were shrink wrapped and contained the interior liner notes with the M-F word included, but within a week the record store had opened every copy and black magic markered over the M-F's (as was my copy). I don't know who ordered the censorship, but latter issues removed the liner notes completely.

Looking back today at The MC-5 if only to gauge how great they really were in the 60's is hard. A common fixture of all Detroit bands back then was a reel to reel at the mixing board. Yet the John Sinclair tapes of the band always fall short of my memories. I was at and have seen the 1970 Tartar Field WABX free concert video footage (from their MC-5: A True Testimonial movie) and although they were still a powerful band, they were not as loose as the year before. To me it was obvious they were trying to be taken seriously outside of Detroit. Their 2nd lp was much cleaner (as in sterile) in sound.

It's always great for me to hear and see these bands now lauded as "Ahead of their time". To fans in the Detroit late 60's they were unique and loved. Outside the area... they were often branded talentless. Unfortunately for the Five they imploded before they would be justly understood.

I hope I gave you some background on this important 60's energy band from my own personal Detroit experience, a time I will always remember and honored to be a part of. And I remind you that no matter how old you are, keep kickin' them out!!!

Weekend Hippie

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

I'm dumbfounded man...
& of course surprised.
So glad to read your comment this morning man,
invaluable testimony you provide us!

Thanks a lot for stopping, and these great lines of info, sincerely.

Cheers and hope to read more from you whenever you want ! ! !

Daniel said...

This is a post!!! Keepunkrockin'!! Un saludo macanudo.

Anonymous said...

True greatness. What more can I say?

Thank you & cheers!

Annie O.

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

thankkkkk yiiuuu all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo, great post. I never expected to see or hear this. You made an ex-Detroiter happy. And as we used to say back then, "kick out the Jams and stay alive with the MC5."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pablo, for these great sounds! Favourite disc is CD5, the live stuff is the best.

Anonymous said...

Excelente, muchas gracias Pablo

Javier said...

Hola Pablo en primer lugar agradecerte el trabajo de este aporte y en segundo lugar comentar la elección de canciones que hago de cada uno: Del 1 me quedo con SHAKING STREET, del 2 me quedo con I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING, del 3 me quedo con LOOKING AT YOU, del 4 me quedo con I'M MAD LIKE ELDRIDGE (¡sobrecoge!),del 5, por supuesto me quedo con KICK OUT THE JAMS y del 6 me quedo con todas por el buen sonido y los cameos. Gracias de nuevo y ánimo con el blog junto con el de Miguel son los mejores.

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

Hola Javi!
si dificil elegir entre tan buenos temas en cada uno de los cds, y el ultimo coincido, la calidad lo hace especial!
Gracias por tu comentarios y espero verte + seguido x estos lados.

endless sleep said...


Fat Reg said...

Amazing stuff! Thank you so very, very much!

Anonymous said...

Found this blogspot today...this is what I have been looking for for a long time...love MC5!!
So from a Pablo to another- Gracias! y Kick out the Jams!!!

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

you are welcome my friend...

littledarkone said...

this is a great find very very much appreciated by aging punk and fine music fan

The Bomber said...

yes... fine musiq as you said.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you very much this is so cool...I don't have a great detroit story but just about the time Kick Out The Jams came out I went to the teenage fair in Hollywood and leaned on the stage where the MC5 were to this day the LOUDEST band I've ever seen...been a fan ever since ! A few years ago there was an unreleased documentary leaked out and it is awesome. Can't think of the name, sorry...Another sad chapter in the history of rock but a great legacy.
Thanks, John

Cold Marx said...

thanks for taking the time to share

keep alive with the MC5!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Keep it going! Don't give in to the man!

Anonymous said...

rama lama indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, thank you so much. They have this over at emusic.com, but they have some policy where songs of a certain length are only available if you get the whole set, which surpasses my monthly allottment.

The Bomber said...

did not know that! Yeap you ll get more surprises here often... hehehe

neilexall@sympatico.ca said...

pablo -

1st of all, thanks fro your awesome blog! Never before have i found so much great music in one place! I've been downloading for what seems like days.

Currently i'm trying to access yr MC5-"purity, accuracy" post. I've downloaded all six parts twice now, and although i know you've posted the same password twice within the comments in reply to others who've had the same problem, i still can't get it to open. As i said, i've downloaded lots of other .rars from yr blog and had no problem, and when this on didn't work the first time i downloaded all six parts again, but i still cant get the password to work. I even went so far as to update my version of Stuffit Expander, but to no avail. Am i an idiot? Is there something i should know? I know yr already tired of this request but any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to find this set for some time now, and i was really excited when i discovered it on yr blog...

Other than that, thanks for all this amazing music. You have done an outstanding job. I love the fact that you have posted some obscure Canadian garage stuff too...that stuff doesn't get as much cred as it probably should.

again, thanks. hope you can help, but if not, thanks anyways.



The Bomber said...

Hi there dear Neil, (not Innes right hahah)
well, maybe you should try updating the extractor, its the only thing i can think of,
primitive as I am, i havent used Stuffit Expander, so I dont know how it works :(
if you continue having the same trouble, I ll try to re post em in the future without passw, but as you can realise its a big work, more than 5 files and a-lottt of time to do that!

Let me know if anything happens olright?


The Bomber said...

Or maybe using another program to extract the files, try that perhaps get lucky!

I know u know the passw, but for all again is:


stay in tune

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

You are correct Pablo at the top of the comments here...essential that this energy is now made free to all and the five alive got buried enough while they were White Panthers. I stand proud as one too. Cheers:>}

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, great stuff, i love the detroit sound...

King said...

Song 23. Kick out the jams from CD1 is missing. Can somebody upload it or share a link to it. This is the song that defines the band and the box is missing a lot without it.

The Bomber (aka Pablo) said...

I dont think the box would miss especially that one ah...?
No wait a minute

,...yes she would!!!

lets see if those thousands n thousands can help ...


Anonymous said...

right on! Thanks much for the MC5!! Three thumbs way up!!!

Anonymous said...

MC5 ruled, they walked the walk and talked the talk - when absolutely nobody else did in the 60's - except for the Velvet Underground and The Stooges.


Rob T.


Ángel Furioso said...

Absolutamente agradecido con cada aporte que dejas, Pablo. Tal vez no me recuerdes, pero nunca dejo de sorprenderme con el material que compartes con todos los amantes de la musica.

Un gran saludo, y gracias.


Anonymous said...

Estimado Pablo: El post es más que excelente. Te agradería que repostearas "MC5 - Greatest Hits Live" y "MC5: Purity Accuracy Box (US, 1965/70 -2003-)"
Desde ya muchas gracias. Saludos Sergio.