The Topsy Turbys Ep (US, 1965)

Starting out as a jazz-pop combo The Charles Johnston Quartet, this group of Arizona State U. students were approached by entrepreneur Charles H. Anderson. He suggested they adopt Sam The Sham's Middle-Eastern turban-and-robe couture as an alternative to the prevalent mop-top and Beatle-boot fashion. Renamed The Topsy Turbys they released two cool swingin' garagey-beat 45s, and a very rare EP whose details are lost in time.

In 2001 Lee Joseph's Bacchus Archives released an EP coupling their two 45s and telling their story. It reports that Noble teaches in Mesa, AZ, Smith teaches guitar in Mesa, Forman is a studio musican in L.A., and Johnston is President/CEO of Select Atrists Associates who book and promote major shows across the US.

The Topsy Turbys released two excellent 45's on Liberty Bell Records, as well as an impossibly rare EP with the two singles combined. Today, the group is best remembered for the snarling "Hey Tiger" and "Topsy Turby" which both appeared on garage compilations and was covered by San Diego's Tell-Tale Hearts back in the 1980s. The other two tracks have been unavailable since their local Phoenix release in 1965. Sleeve graphic design by Shag with liner notes penned by Topsy Turby member, Charles Johnson.
Date printed on label 9-16-65
(garage/frat/early psych)

vinyl rip
*Note: this one does not have the last song "Bart`s tune",



Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

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Anonymous said...

Got a big one here.
Original 1965 7" 33 rpm EP
Released as promo only. Probably a few copies only pressed.
Was probably kind of business card as sleeve contains producername and adress of the band (Charles H Anderson)
Back of sleeve is white, no printings.
A-side has label with tracklisting for both sides. B-side white label
Five tracks:
Side A
-Snake Woman
-Hey Tiger
-Topsy Turby
Side B
-Jungle Song
-Bart's Tune (unknown instro)
every track contains few times a light beep from about 1/3 second. This was done because to avoid reproducing or airplay without their permission. See/heard this on other promo records.
Date printed on label 9-16-65
Thick cardboard sleeve
NM/NM but vinyl has some light background noise. Probably cheap pressing. Light ringwear on back sleeve.
(old ep seller)


DETAILS: This is a super rare promo only 5 track EP from Phoenix Arizona band, released in 1965. The 7" record plays at 33 rpm. It is a guaranteed original US pressing, housed in a small cardboard sleeve, with the producers names and address printed on the jacket. There is one small light beep embedded in each of the tracks, which is barely audible, which was done to curb airplay without the bands permission,something not uncommon in early promo 45s. Matrix numbers: A side - A&J 91665-1 and STW-1338. B Side - A&J 91665-2 STW-1338. B side label is blank. Printing on cardboard sleeve is only on the front. (ebay seller)

_ _ _

Topsy Turbys

JEFF NOBLE keyb'ds

1 TOPSY TURBYS (PS) (Dionysus/Bacchus Archives BA1159) 2001

NB: (1) comprises all four tracks from their two Liberty Bell 45s.

1 Jungle Song/Topsy Turby (Liberty Bell 45-101) 196?
2 Hey Tiger/Snake Woman (Liberty Bell 45-102) 1965

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Johnny Lebrel said...

crazy sound!!

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Pep Sonic said...

Vaya 2 buenos singles que grabaron. Recomendadísimos para los Pebbels adictos. Gracias Pablo.

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Ahhh, me llevo todo para Taringa.



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Bonjo, hace lo que desees viejo, personalmente no me interesa.
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Esmenard Victor said...

Another garage gem ! Thank you very much.

Mateus Paul said...

Sem dúvida todos os temas poderiam figurar em qualquer coletânea de garage, como Pebbles, Back From The Grave, etc.
Na minha opinião, somente "Hey Tiger" que não, pois, para mim, tem uma pegada mais Beat.
De qualquer forma, ótimo EP!

Anonymous said...

thankyou very much, sure to be good

kindatrash said...

can you reupload this one to mediafire?