Drake Levin R.I.P.

July 7, 2009

Drake Levin, lead guitarist for Paul Revere & the Raiders during the quintet's hit-making prime in the mid-1960s, died Saturday at his home in San Francisco after a long battle with cancer, according to his longtime friend and former Raiders bandmate Phil Volk.
He was 62.

Levin's four-year stint with the Raiders, known for its campy Revolutionary War uniforms, thigh-high black riding boots and tri-corner hats, coincided with a string of top 10 hits including "Kicks," "Hungry" and "Good Thing."

Something to listen.


Javier said...

Paul Revere & The Raiders se lleva la palma con 10 aportes realizados por Pablo, eso no hace sino confirmar que el alma de este blog es un superfan de este grupo así que mis condolencias por esta muerte y que descanse en paz. Un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

RIP he was also a good dancer and great Guitar player Bye Drake you have good company up there!

Pep Sonic said...

q.e.d. Drake Levin estuvo en los buenos discos de los Raiders. Un buen detalle recordarle en el blog Pablo.

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

Si...ya de apoco pondre lo que falte de Levin & Co.

lickthyshran said...

Paul Revere has a tribute page to him on his website: