The Creation - If I Stay Too Long/Nightmares (UK, 1967)

Polydor 56177

Yehe...realized ? this band is
not the Creation, but the Creations.
Uff...Anyway I said once:
"If I stay too long I ll have nightmares" (true)
Think the guys liked my idea and wrote a song.
Perhaps not, -cause- I was born near 1990,mmm.
They appeared at the 14-Hour Technicolour Dream in London's Alexander Palace in May '67.


Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

pw: mza-garage

NOISEBOX said...

great blog! please check out or maybe put it on your link:

we have the same interest in music. thanks and keep up the good work!

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

thanks for your support!
Ill link you in the Friends blog where I have all the blogland sites.


Javier said...

Otra joyita, imprescindibles The Creation. Gran aporte. Gracias y un saludo.¡LALALALALALA LA LA! ¡NIGHTMAAAAAARES!

Andy Rampage said...

talk about a:"BAD ACID TRIP"!!
THANK YOU for 'reminding' ME 'why' I DIG these Guys sooo much!!
THANK YOU Sir! cheers

I WILL BE bringing VOLUME 1 Of: "THE COMPLETE (CREATION) COLLECTION" to work withe me tonight .. to "help me" STAY-AWAKE"!! ..ON RETORACTIVE ~I URGE YOU to "try" & "find" these 'tasty morsels'!!

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

yehe...great Andy.

Cheers mate,
glad you enjoyed it

Andy Rampage said...

'Stay In Bad Pablito!...
'Stay In Bed...

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

stay in tune Andy... (x more goodies)