NV Groep 65: Dank Zij De Heer (1965, Dutch Psych-Garage-Beat)

The A-side of this 10″ EP is just amazing. Droning, sacred vocals
strafe the title track (they even shine in the dirtier demo version
on side B). Heart-breaking, staircase down chords, they even mutter
something about “Ave Maria” to accentuate the Gregorian jonesing
going on. The piece see-saws between major and minor keys and could
sound as great in a dank hall in 1965 as it could sound in a set
with Crescent today. The second track is a paean to pot (well this
was recorded in Amsterdam, where people are required by *law* to
toke ;>). Speaking of winks, evidently the lead singer was referred
to (and possibly by himself) as Jesus…and hey he didn’t even feel
compelled to kill anyone! Take note all you budding messiahs! But
anwyays the pop here, and the harmonies in three spirits are divine.
They soar on “Lost” which gallops, as the girl gallops away and Pim
Abbestee hits a few high notes and has his voice break perfectly.
At other times Pim just let’s his falsetto flag fly! Finally on
“Pipe and you like it” more smoke, and harmonies that contract and
expand. Breathe in, breathe out…and then here’s a hippie hoedown
break. Again the A-side of this is remarkably good garage with a
psychedelic Dutch door! The B-side has two Mersey toe-poppers,
“Show me the right way to find her…before I kill myself.” Ah,
sweet innocent pop, and young obsessive love. With a tambourine
that means business! A great re-release, and lengthy notes in
packaging, minus two points for labelling four tracks wrong.
Seriously, do not miss this timeless gem!!

Ultra mega-rare dutch-dark stuff. Get it now.



Anonymous said...

I wrote an article for Goldmine magazine in 1999/2000. Richard Hafeli, guitarist of the Rainy Days (different than the Rainy Daze) told me that Mogen David and the Grapes Of Wrath was indeed the name initially chosen by that Detroit band; as I recall, this is referred to in that article.

carlo said...

Hi Pablo, you have a great blog, I'm looking for US psychedelic band called Octopus selftitled 1969, Do you have it?


hola..!! me pase por aca de casualidad esta muy bueno el blog..
tiene algunas vbandas q me gustan otras q ni sikiera conocia,, pero esta muy bien para aprenderr,!!

me encanta esa epoca dorada de la musica...

bueno te dejo un besoo


lorena morrison

Anonymous said...

Hello, nice site. I have that album Octopus of 1969, a CD reissue of ZYX records originally in ESP Records, possiblely the only record company for all real and authentical and extreme underground US bands late 60s. My favorite ESP bands are Godz and MIJ but everything you can find of ESP records will delight your ears. Greetings from Chile.

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Hi guys ! nice to see you again, thanks for the support and comments


Adam said...

Glad all is well. all the best