The Yardbirds: Where the Action is...Live on Stockholm Radio (1967)

Around mid-1965 The Yardbirds began experimenting in the studio and sought to test out their new sounds on their records. Still I'm Sad was the first evidence of this and their first self-penned 'A' side (it was part of a double 'A' side). More significant testimonies of their excursion into experimental pop and psychedelia were Shapes Of Things, featuring Jeff Beck's stunning guitar work, and their first studio album, The Yardbirds, of all original compositions issued in the Summer of 1966. This contained some superb slices of psychedelia most notably Over, Under, Sideways, Down and Happenings Ten Years Time Ago - which, whilst less commercial than the former, was musically one of the most significant and ambitious recordings of 1966 - the startling Psycho Daisies and to a lesser degree Farewell and He's Always There.

Superb Radio Broadcast. Amazing version of "I`m a man" among others. I think all Yardbirds lovers should and need to listen this one.

LINK: Laughing, joking, drinking, smoking...


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


henry said...

i've heard this one before. Excellent stuff. Besides, it's the Yardbirds ...a great great band, one of the best in the genre!

Maximiliano said...

Excelente una vez mas! Una joya de colecciòn, Jimi Page en las cuerdas en esta ocasion.
Este es el material que me gusta, y no podìa provenir de otro site que no fuera este.
Gracias Pablo. Segui asì.

Pablo, no se nada del disco en vivo de los Prunes que me preguntaste, jamas escuche de èl-
Por otro lado, te pido disculpas te estoy debiendo una respuesta al mail, que voy aver si me pongo las pilas y te respondo.
De todas maneras se me fue un poco la calentura porque los comentarios estàn llegando de a poco y algunos muy interesantes.
De todas maneras vengo con la maquina muy lenta con los posteos, voy regulando bastante.
Che, lo que es marcar un estilo...la gente no para de saludarte y agradecerte en Dias de Garage, sos un maestro.

24HourDejaVu said...

Was just checking in a found this great Yardbirds piece Thanks Pablo I hopre to be back on my site soon

musio*52 said...

Many, many thank you's for the rare Yardbirds recordings, also for the Moby Grape singles and MC5 bootleg. Fantastic blog just keeps getting better. My ears love you!!

Jim From Andros said...

This is my favourite British Beat Band , althought they did not know what they wanted to do with their talents. They played the blues , they played pop , they played rock , they born the led Zeppelin from their ashes . Great record not available in Greece thanks. You are wonderfull and your collection is great.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic share! Many thanks :]

Anonymous said...

I may have screwed up, but the first 5 tracks are missing.
However, track 8 "I'm A Man" was worth it all. Jimmy Page was truely awesome in his early days.
Thanks tons.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Bomber said...

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