V.A. : It`s happening here (US, 60s Really Rare Garage Promo Recordings from N.Jersey)

I really like this compilation, one of my favs: "She wont have me".
Rare recordings, amateurs band pulling out all of their repertoire!.
Well... what do you think? *-

These gems
are from a 12-track LP compilation of young, fledgling New Jersey rock bands from the mid to late 1960s, produced by Alyn Heim and Bill Neale.

hese gentlemen magnanimously provide 11 different amateur rock bands the venue to showcase their talents and original songs on this promotional record (only "The People" get two spots, with what sounds like two completely different bands anyway). Some are just OK, some outright awful, none are actually what you'd call proficient, but all are utterly sincere. The music is unfailingly charming on a ‘locals' level, and there are actually some decent tunes and arrangements buried underneath some often brutal performances and productions. The Avlons in particular should certainly get some kind of award for crafting a rather appealing pop record out of exactly two notes.

It sounds as though the bands were given one take, and then hustled out of the studio, which would seem to defeat the purpose of such a noble venture. Nonetheless, there is an abundance of youthful innocence and joie-de-vivre in these tracks. The true star is whoever wrote the liner notes, which make each of these bands (none of which ever amounted to anything at all) sound like the second coming of the Beatles.

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01 [listen] The People - Don't You Know What It Is To Wait? (3:13)
02 [listen] The Avlons - Patterns of Emptiness (2:49)
03 [listen] Thorn and the Four Roses - In Sherwood Forest (2:53)
04 [listen] The Wild Things - She Put Me Down (2:34)
05 [listen] The Soul Survivors - I Need Your Love (2:03)
06 [listen] The Lost Sound - She Won't Have Me (2:25)
07 [listen] The Odds & Ends - Why Did You Tell Me (2:38)
08 [listen] Blues & Things - Lovely Achin Shakin Blues (2:13)
09 [listen] The Nightwatch - Too Long (2:08)
10 [listen] The Conchords - Magic Love Machine (2:42)
11 [listen] The Dimensions - Yesterday's Love (2:22)
12 [listen] The People - Johnny Will Have To Wait (2:16)



thanks a lot Pablo!
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Frank M. Young said...

Thanks in advance for posting this! Can't wait to hear these Jersey teens and their tunes!

Frank M. Young said...

Thanks in advance for posting this! Can't wait to hear these Jersey teens and their tunes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks man! Cheers!

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Hummmm, yeah, it will be great to listen to this...
Thanx, Pablo !


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Passw: mza-garage.blogspot.com

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Gracias a ti por enriquecer nuestras mentes y nuestra alma, y perdona por no comentar muy a menudo.


Graciela said...

No sé si conoces esto. Lo encontré de casualidad. Es un recopilatorio de garage japonés:


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just 10 song in your .rar
thanks for original link from WFMU


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Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

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ronin said...

Hey, Great Stuff, Thanks from Brazil!

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I dont know where you get all these great records, but i just wanna say thanks! you are my hero.

Joe said...

As an NJ native this is pretty cool to get my hands on.

Ian Zamboni said...

May I kindly request a re-up? I'm an NJ native son and love WFMU!

The Bomber said...

HEHEH..I ll try to rip this one soon and re post it man.
Patience ;)