The Victors: Victorious (US Garage, 1964/66)

Dan Dailey, Jim Kane, Terry Knudsen and Gary Leach were memebers of the Scotsmen. Also related with the Litter.

This Minneapolis group later became The Litter and they can also be heard on the Get Hip album (GHAS 5066), Electras vs. Scotsmen / Victors (1993). It contains tracks from 1965 to 1968. All bar Denny Waite were previously in The Scotsmen.

Yes.. these guys were young.. and their covers were so raw and crude !! really garageones !. Pay attention to all the songs, from "midnight hour" to "good golly miss molly"(rawest version ever!) and a couple of more songs that are really interesting. Really like this kind of songs/sounds/style (simple songs, raw voices, crude instrumentation, easy to play, hee... jjeje) , so hope you can understand me.



Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Passw: mza-garage.blogspot.com

(of course...try to listen to the Litter and the Scotsmen too...highly recommended both)

henry said...

only listened to a couple of tracks, but WOW, they were good. Gotta give the whole thing a listen once i get off night shift. Thanks for the info on the band's background as well.

1. Little Girl
2. Midnight Hour
3. I Ain't Gonna Eat out My Heart Anymore
4. One More Time
5. You're a Better Man Than I
6. Gloria
7. Love Me - The Victors, Crill, Jim
8. She Give Me Lovin' - The Victors, Crill, Jim
9. Walking the Dog
10. Louie Louie
11. I Don't Know - The Victors, Kane, Jim
12. Baby What You Want Me to Do
13. Low Down Trick
14. Beer Bust Blues - The Victors, Kendrick, Warren
15. Scotch Mist - The Victors, Kendrick, Warren
16. Froggy - The Victors, Kendrick, Warren
17. I Go Crazy
18. I Ain't Gonna Eat out My Heart Anymore
19. Good Lovin'
20. Kicks
21. All I Really Want to Do
22. Steel Pier
23. Mr. Peppermint Man
24. I've Had It
25. Death of a Gremmie
26. Shake 'N' Stomp
27. Good Golly Miss Molly
28. Long Tall Sally
29. Arabic
30. Scotch Mist II - The Victors, Kendrick, Warren

Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo, thanx for this really interesting share !
Gracias ! (the only spanish word I know...)


germt said...

Puñado de canciones (30 nada menos)entre las que se encuentran algunas memorables: "You're a Better Man Than..", "Gloria","Louie..","I Ain't Gonna..." y +.Un album para disfrutar...gracias Pablo. Y también para Henry por su listado...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this recording.

Anonymous said...

Tried to extract but the password mza-garage.blogspot.com is just getting me a "Command is not Supported" message, not just for this but for all your stuff.

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

TRY again man....nobody had troubles with this album and its password
copy again
try to copy without any spaces or nothing, the whole passw

and let me know if anything happens
(not in bloq mayus too, check that too)


Anonymous said...

Weird, it must be either this iMac or Unarchiver that's the problem as it's not extracting password protected rar's from another site as well. I guess I'll have to wait til I get back on the PC next month.

Raskolnikov said...

Hola Pablo,
Thanks for all the great stuff you post in here. This is to let you know that, since a few days, megaupload doesn't work at all (tried in firefox, IE and chrome...) and I missed this one when you posted it. Therefore, it would be really great if you could post it elsewhere (zshare, for instance, is ok). I'm fond of all things garage-60s and didn't know this one, I'm anxious about hearing it...
Gracias compañero!

Raskolnikov said...

Really essential garage listen (and no less than 2 versions of "ain't gonna eat out my heart": wow!), thanks very mucho. BTW, I found a workaround for the megaup crap by tweeking the html/js from a local copy... tricky, but worthy!!!
GRACIAS again.

rebelrebel said...

Thank you. I'm in love with the Litter's "Action Woman" right now, and it'll be cool to hear how they sounded as a band pre-Litter.

Andy Rampage said...

Whoooooaaahh FUUUUcccckkk!!!! Pablito, i got "intercepted" by this ON My way to listen TO those: "5 KINETICS"!! .. ~not lookin''Too Good'.. that i'll be LEAVIN THE HOUSE .. TODAY!!
more Cheers mate = 8D

Andy Rampage said...

"W00oooo! Not EVEN half-way through!! I'll prolly haff to 'PICK 'Up this ONE mycelf!

Andy Rampage said...

arrr forgot to ASK Pablo; "What's label this ON? GET-HIP??

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

Arf!Arf! dear Andy

Anonymous said...

This is thee best blog ever!!! Thanks so much!

The Bomber said...

thank uuuuuuuuuu;)

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