The Downliners Sect: The Rock Sect`s In (UK, 1966)

Of all the British R&B bands to follow the Rolling Stones' footsteps, the Downliners Sect were arguably the rawest. The Sect didn't as much interpret the sound of Chess Records as attack it, with a finesse that made the Pretty Things seem positively suave in comparison. Long on crude energy and hoarse vocals, but short on originality and songwriting talent, the band never had a British hit, although they had some sizable singles in other European countries.

Their wildly erratic third album includes some tepid material, but also has some of their best tracks, especially their vicious run-through of the early British rock & roll standard "Brand New Cadillac." It's most notable for the appearance -- through God-knows-what channels -- of "Why Don't You Smile Now," which was written by Lou Reed, John Cale, and two unknowns before the Velvet Underground formed.

Bueno, si de pie, que estamos frente a los Sect.

En 1966 apareció su tercer Lp, “The Rock Sect’s in” (1966), un disco con temas originales como “Outsine”, “Everything I’ve got to give” o “I’m hooked on you”, y versiones de conocidas canciones como “Fortune Teller” o “Hang on Sloopy”.

En el disco también aparecía un fantástico tema escrito por Lou Reed y John Cale antes de formar la Velvet Underground, “Why don’t you smile now”, canción co-escrita por Terry Philips y Jerry Vance que había sido compuesta por el cuarteto de compositores para la banda The All Night Workers.
Como la suerte comercial no se alió con la banda, los Downliners Sect se separaron después de la publicación de un single en 1967, el tema escrito por Graham Gouldman “The cost of living”. (aloha)


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