MPD Ltd, (AUS, 60`s comp)

Wild Side Of Life - the musical adventures of Mike, Pete and Danny!

A short but sensational time in the spotlight ... a dynamic, gymnastic stage routine ... a spearhead act for the legendary Go!! label ... some incendiary singles ... such are the hallmarks by which we fondly remember the great beat trio that was MPD Ltd.

Formed in 1965, MPD Ltd arrived at their handle by combining the first name initials of core members Mike Brady, Pete Watson and Danny Finley. The "Ltd" appendage is also appropriate, since this band enjoyed only a short spell, albeit a very exciting and successful one while it lasted.

The band's meteoric rise to popularity is a classic example of serendipitous timing. With really only their friends The Easybeats to be considered as serious rivals, MPD Ltd emerged in a scene which saw The Aztecs embrace a decidedly MOR sound, The Whispers beginning to founder and stagnate, and exciting and innovative new bands like The Twilights and The Masters Apprentices yet to appear on the national musical horizon.

I really like this lp, also one of my favourites from the surf country.
...now, remember the song "Lonely boy" and "Remember...", my dad played em a lot!!!.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, this one goes to my brother in (law) blog, Roadrunner.
I think he was searching something... happy? well, wait and listen this rare beauty!

MPD LIMITED (Wild side of life)


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Passw: mza-garage

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!

brujo said...

thank you for this it brings back a few memories of my youth used to see them quite a bit .brujo

germt said...

Descubrimiento esta banda con nombre que parece de un negocio pero que lo que tiene el disco es puñado canciones auténticas; sobresalen para mí las rollingstonianas "Her Favourite Song"(2)y "I Am What I Am"(3)y al final del disco "Remember..."(11) y "You Might As Well..." (14), ambas fantásticas.Un gran hallazgo este disco Pablo.

Frank M. Young said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear this stuff! I know it's gonna be good! THANKS for posting, amigo!

blancanus said...

Gracias por compartir todas estas joyas garageras.

aldo said...

This is new to me, I just listened to it all and there’s a lot of great music with not a weak track!
Once again showing that Australia had many many great bands.
Many thanks!

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Anon said...

Is it possible to upload MPD Limited in lossless? Will be very grateful.