The Standells live at "P.J.s" San Francisco (1964)


The Bomber said...

Passw: bomber

popsike said...

Man can u upload the link for "The Beat Merchants: The Beats Go on...(UK Freakbeat, 1963-67)" please? the link is broken, thank you...

popsike said...

URL: http://mza-garage.blogspot.com/2008/03/beat-merchants-beats-go-onuk.html

DR said...

Hi, I used to have a couple of tapes of UK and US Psych which I lost, so I've been trying to find them on mp3, I've almost done it but there's definitely one song I'm missing, all I can tell you is a lyric which goes:

"on the jukebox they have got,
all the records that are hot"

Daft and brilliant at the same time and a pretty good tune if I remember rightly, I know this is probably the equivalent of going into a record shop and singing lyrics to a bewildered member of staff, but I thought you might know it.

Nice Blog by the way!

anyonesdaughter said...

this is great pablo... the standells "in person" are matchless! keep coming up with the goooood stuff..!!

The Bomber said...

DR I answered in the Spill blog!

And yes querida S, mas Standells proximamente!!!


popsike said...

Great post bomber... Bomber can u repost again please "The Bush: Got Bush if you want it ! (65,66)" broken link please post again thank you bomber.
URL: http://mza-garage.blogspot.com/2008/02/bush-got-bush-if-you-want-it-6566.html

Dr. Funkenstein said...

hola bomber. Grandes discos estos que posteas de The Standells, uno de mis grupos preferidos

Por si lo quereis, aquĆ­ os dejo el "The Live Ones", ripeado de mi vinilo de 10" en FLAC.