The Kinks - Everybody is gonna be happy #5 (1965)

For more, remember that...About this one:
90, quite rare


Fathermosh said...

Thanks for resuming this series! But I'm looking for a link.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Me too. I have the first Beatles UK releases with different songs from the U.S. versions and it's on cassettes starting with the Silver Beatles...maybe I can trade or rip this soon.

The Bomber said...

Well ... never get tired of the Kinks!!! All good ole stuff its welcome!! Cheers and enjoy

The Bomber said...

Passw: bomber

anyonesdaughter said...

thanks pablo, youre the best (and the kinks are too).
$190, thats even more than what i ever spend on a single record. but these japanese pressings are rare as HELL and very difficult to get hold of - i am looking for a special jap pressing of deep purples emmaretta with a rare picture sleeve, but ive seen it being sold at an auction for over $800!!! well, sure i cant afford that... but i wont give up either!
youre a real hero taking on you such big investments just to make us happy!


The Bomber said...

Indeed rare as a green tailed dog!
But I must say i got this much more cheaper that its nowadays :)

Glad you all enjoy the Kinks B-ombs.

Pierre said...

Bomber: your site is fantastic! Thanks for posting so much rare, and choice cuts- I visit this site every day! Excellent sound quality as well.

Zeno said...

I'm always glad to hear The Kinks stuff! Thank You :)