V.A. - World without FUZZ

I know, it would be insane, imagine (only musically speaking):
Waking up every morning knowing that you wont get a wild dose of fuzz, crazy, I know.
01 Actioneers - It's You
02 Bad Omens - Chimes of Freedom
03 Nite Watchmen - I'm Gonna Lose My Mind
04 Motions - Land Beyond The Moon
05 Bright Image - People In Town
06 Swingin' Safaries - Syncopated Beat, part 1
07 Volcanoes - Sympathise
08 Good Idea - Inside, Outside
09 James T & The Workers - I Can't Stop
10 Trademarks - If I Was Gone
11 Phinx - My Baby Don't Care
12 Apostles - Help Me Find A Way
13 Poor Boy's Pride - But Yes Who Cares
14 Changing Tymes - The Kids Are All Right
15 Jimmy & The Offbeats - Miracle Worker
16 Rejects - Just A Little Bit of You
17 Unknowns - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
18 Hungy I's - Comin' Round
19 Echos - Ugly You
20 Trafalgar Square - Til The End of The Day
21 Penetraters - Baby What Went Wrong
22 Caesar & His Romans - Black Lantern
23 Kindred Spirit - Under My Thumb
24 Nomadz - She Ain't Lovin' You No More


Skip said...

sounds like a great comp (taps foot impatiently)

The Bomber said...

passw: bomber

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

ooohh smore smore's I seek the ultimate fuzz guitar lp's or comp's until my head cracks! Ha ha jk ok now off to post a double lp by Cher tonight! OMG Yardbirds you beautiful man...thank you thank you:>}

anyonesdaughter said...

thanks, maaaan, you rule!! :D

The Bomber said...

Thank you guys x the support!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff - thanks for the wonderful sounds!

Anonymous said...

Just plain THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude. As the name might imply, is this garage rock from various parts of the world?

The Bomber (aka Pablo) said...

from all overrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Trustar said...


Thanks for the fine share.


The Bomber said...

always a pleasure to fuzz-you-up!!!